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I am a 32 year old male who lives in the North-East of America. I have been reading fanfiction since I was 18. It all started when I started to re-watch all of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons and upon finding that that it was all over at Season 7, I moved on to trying to find more Buffy and happened upon the world of fanfiction. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since then I have moved on to reading fanfiction from many different genres from books, various tv shows etc although I mostly just read Buffy and Harry Potter and some crossovers based off of those two stories. Although I have been reading fanfiction for many years or so, I only just recently made this profile, so my list of favorite fiction and authors is way way way shorter than it should be.

I am also in the process of writing several fanfics and as soon as I have them a bit more completed and where I want I will upload them.

The vast majority of the fanfiction i read is at least 70,000 words or so and usually way longer. My few exceptions to that rule is when i'm reading a fic that is being updated very often (usually by an author I have already read), or is an exceptionally well written short story.

Some of my biggest pet-peeves in fanfiction writing is when the story makes the main character way too powerful with far too many advantages to the point that the story is boring. Many Super!Harry stories fall under that category. An example would be making Harry Potter the descendant of Merlin, all the hogwarts founders, the richest person on earth with all the political power to change the government in one stroke and have all the goblins love him etc. Likewise, I also dislike it when authors have the character have almost no reaction to traumatic experiences etc. (for example, killing for the first time) Finally, stories that have romance in them in which the romance moves way to fast without consequences, the characters fall in love in two short chapters, and similar type annoyingly simplistic situations.

I really enjoy stories that take a more real-world application to their stories, le, more gray in the world than black and white. (an example would be harry potter starting to kill his enemies or Buffy working with demons to fight the greater threat and/or perhaps having to use guns to fight off increasingly more powerful enemies in what results in essentially a mindless slaughter...) (Read Hotpoint's Compelled series if you want a good idea of what i'm talking about) I don't mind smut in the stories I read so long as its a small part of the story and not dominating.

Recently i've joined several forums that focus on certain categories in fanfiction- namely Dark Lord Potter, Alternate Realities (changing history) and Space Battles (i'm a big fan of Star Gate, Babylon 5, nBSG, Star Wars, Star Trek etc)

I am in the process up updating the profile and will probably change it fairly often in the coming weeks. Especially If i get any of my plot ideas uploaded (and i have a lot of ideas for BtVS/Angel, HP and some crossovers between the two)

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