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So, I'm not going to write much, since people don't usually read profiles, but here goes.

I'm currently going to a public high school in the coldest place in the country. (Not Alaska) But, it's a loveable place and aside from travelling, I don't think I would want to leave.

I write fics for Criminal Minds, because I know that whole fandom the best out of my other faves. My main favorite fandoms are Criminal Minds and Nu!Star Trek (Star Trek: 2009) And if you like Nu!StarTrek, you need to read Atlas, by AngelBaby1! Awesome fic.

Anyway, I will get to updating Alone, some time. I am having severe lack of inspiration, but it will come eventually. I will do beta work, so message me if you're interested. And please, if you like Criminal Minds, check out my community!

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