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I have been working on a Power Ranger story (AU) and will post that as soon as I get more done with it. Ok time to update this... have gone through 2 legal pads working on my story.. my main problem is putting the story on my computer LOL... I seem to work on it in pieces chapter one , chapter 12, and back to chapter two... anyone that is willing to beta read my story send me a email (make the subject: PR Fanfic)

Stories I read: Power Rangers, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Andromeda, Harry Potter

stats: Male

live in Washington state USA

update: chapter 6 uploaded... had to come to a abrupt stop becouse I forgot about Forever Red

update June 16, 2008:

sorry about the delay on Shadow Empire... my notes are up to chapter 14 but I am drawing a blank after that... kinda puting notes together for 2 other PR stories... 10 Year, Crystal Rangers...

10 Year will be mainly about the original rangers with some guest spots from other teams and takes place about the time of Operation Overdrive...

Crystal Rangers will have all the Rangers on earth guest spoting but the group of Rangers are all Original Rangers (11)... right now I have 4 Rangers named but only 3 have thier colors...still working on names and powers for the other 7...

Also kinda had an Idea for Harry Potter...but its kinda fizzling out

Update: 8/9/09

finaly got chapter 7 uploaded (at least I hope it works) still working on chapter 8 (Shadow Empire)

my time is kinda being taken up by my daughter (19 months) so work is slow


RL sucks... lost my muse for Shadow Empire... kinda have a idea for a Harry Potter story... it will be an AU involving the Royal family and Harry (Charles is deceased, Diana is not... and the House of Windsor is Decended from Merlin's sister and are all magical... a well kept secret... til Harry gets his Hogwarts letter... where the story starts)current Title is Queens Own

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