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So, I'm not really on FFN that much anymore, if you want to find me, for whatever reason, you can find me on the forum I'm part of called "Design Your Universe". Come on and join in on the fun and chaos, and I'd love to chat with you there.

I like comics. I guess overall I'd say I like DC better, but I love what Marvel (usually) does too.

Years ago I engrossed myself in all those conspiracy theories (Ash's coma, death of Blue's Raticate, Ditto being a failed Mew clone, Gengar is Clefairy's shadow, etc etc) and some of them are not only extremely interesting but actually somewhat believable. Here are a bunch that I like. I'm not going in-depth.

(Note: these are theories about/in the Pokemon Universe. Meaning I don't care if Game Freak put Mew into Red&Blue without telling Nintendo, or if Butterfree was supposed to be Venomoth(it totally was though))

-the death of Blue's Raticate

-Ash's coma

-N is a Zoroark

-Genesect is a modified Kabutops

-Red is Ash's older brother, and everything that happens to Ash is a result of Red's earlier adventures

-Cubones are baby Kangaskhans (not very interesting, but you can't deny the evidence)

-The Pokemon War/ Mass Extinction

- Team Rocket, the Lavender Town Radio Tower, and the abandoned hill in Vermillion

- Maybe Humans are aliens that took over the Pokemon world?

- Ash's age (see bottom)

- Red is a ghost

- The Legendary Beasts Trio (Raikou, Entei, and Suicune) are reincarnated Eeveelutions (Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon)

- The Kanto (and Johto) Elite Four are evil

- The Gym Leader's revolt (after Red became Champion)

-It was Bianca who kissed Ash at the end of Pokemon Heroes, however, she left her hat on the mirror and didn't speak so that he would think it was Latias (perhaps she was shy, but it wasn't Latias because the hat was literally visible on the mirror before she leaves the room to go down to kiss him. Do not fucking tell me that Pokephilia is canon).

Ash's Age:

This is a complicated one. We know time passes in the show because when Ash returns to Viridian to get his 8th Gym Badge (season 2, episode 8, which has Mewtwo btw), he states its been a year since he left. But in a B&W Episode, the narrator states that Ash is still 10. So either time hasn't passed or the present day doesn't exist. Still with me? Good, now hang on. After Ash got shocked by Pikachu to save them from the Spearow in the first episode, Ash saw Ho-Oh flying. In a Pokedex entry, it states that whoever sees Ho-Oh is granted eternal happiness. Now consider that ever since then, Ash hasn't aged a day. Nobody seems to notice or question this. He has met or befriended nearly every Elite Four member across all seven regions, and become good friends with the majority of the Champions of those regions. He has ridden on the back of more Legendary Pokemon than most people see in their entire life, and he has met even more Legendary Pokemon on top of that. Also, as a side note, he is constantly surrounded by females in his age group, despite him being too oblivious to realize this. So... Exactly what is eternal happiness in the Pokemon world? I think that fits it as well as anything since he pretty much lives out all his fantasies each day. Adventure, excitement, celebrities, no romance because he's dumb as rocks, you know, I think that counts as what people would want in that world.

If you ask me, the only thing that doesn't necessarily add up is the thing he desires most is to be a Pokemon Master.

...or is it? What exactly is a Pokemon Master? It's not a title bestowed upon Champions, the highest achievable position granted through the use of Pokemon battles. So... is it subjective? See, I don't think Ash will ever become a "Pokemon Master" (especially not if his skill keeps resetting every region) because I think all becoming a "Pokemon Master" would do is signify that his goal has been reached. The journey is over. And to him, his journey is quite literally eternal happiness. So naturally, it will never end and he will live it forever.

Update: I think Ash just became a Pokemon Master, so there goes that whole thing.

Well, I guess that covers it. If you're curious about any theories or wish to debate them, I invite you to send me a PM. I always respond, unless I don't, so don't hold back.

Current Stories in Progress:

-Pokemon: Moths to a Flame (I'm actually sort of re-writing this one)

There's nothing really to say. It's my first and only fanfic (for now). It's far from perfect, but it's gotten some positive reviews and I really enjoy writing it. It's not complete and I haven't touched it in years but I do plan on finishing it because I don't want to leave it unfinished. First I'll probably re-write some of the chapters because the old ones sort of suck but hey, first fanfic remember? I'll get there lol. In any case, I'd say it's getting close to the end, but I might make it longer if I get any ideas from either myself, my peers, or feedback from you awesome viewers. I won't be starting another story until this one is finished.

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