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Thank you all for your comments, criticism, and continued support over the years. I'll never be an eloquent enough writer to express in words how much I appreciate all of you.

I have made the difficult decision to delete everything archived here for personal reasons; however, if you've fond memories of an old 'fic I have posted here that you would like to re-read, please feel free to email me at crazytrustexercise at gmail and I will send the file your way so that you may enjoy it again.

I have begun to post rewritten versions of old 'fics, and as of July 2020 am rewriting my Rose of Versailles 'fic. Come and read them at AO3! This site blows at doing links, even now, so I apologize for the formatting, but: archiveofourown . org /users/MannaTea

This account remains to assist you in finding my new works. Nothing new will be posted here.

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