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hey there.

I'm Loganator. (inside joke)

Ever since I was little I've wanted to become an author. My goals in life are a little different now, but I love to write, it's like an escape from the world.

I'm an OBSESSED HEROES FAN. I live, breathe and think Heroes. Heroes is awesome. Heroes is amazing. Heroes rocks. Heroes is the best. I love Heroes. I love Heroes. I love Heroes.

Shippings/ TV Shows


Peter/Claire, Sylar/Claire, Sylar/Elle, Hiro/Charlie, Peter/Sylar

Vampire Diaries

Tyler/Caroline, Damon/Rose, Alaric/Jenna


Charlie/Claire, Kate/Sawyer


Sam/Sarah, Sam/Ruby, Dean/SeasonThree!Ruby, Dean/Cassie, Dean/Sam; "Why does everyone think we're gay?"

I watch and love all the above, obsessively. I like Ugly BettyVeronica Mars and My Name is Earl. I've started to watch V and Naruto, after being forced by a friend of mine.

I know 3 people on here;

'That English Girl' She's cool, and is one of my best friends. She's also badass because she's obsessed with Heroes as well.

Then theres 'i-buried-adam-alive' Awesome, funny, Heroes fan. All I need to say.

And theres 'sharinganintheeyes', a super Naruto obsessed fan who forces me to watch Naruto and V. Check them out!

FANFORUM: http:///members/loganator-205134/


DEVIANTART: http:/// (for story artwork go there)

POLYVORE: http://

TUMBLR: http:///

Feel free to friend/add/follow me on any of these. I'll do it back, (just let me know your from fanfiction).

I don't update my stories that often now, but I always do eventually. You can count on me to update at some point in life, because I WILL finish all my stories.

Leave some review love? :)

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