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Hypothetical Spiritual Entity PM
Joined Jan '11

Name: Lost in the sands of time, never to be revealed to living minds ever again... Yeah, let's go with that.

Sex: Chances are, I would love to enjoy some whenever you're reading this.

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Occupation: Graduate student

Field: American History

Religion: Narcissism (Think about it, you can never be fully sure of any gods existence until you die, maybe not even then; but considering Descartes' cogito ("I think therefore I am."), the only thing you can be absolutely sure of with no doubt at all is your own existence. Just as events you personally witness are more real to you than events you hear about, your own existence is more real to you than anything else! So why not worship something that is without a doubt more real than everything else (yourself (at least from your own perspective))?).

Passtimes: Reading (Books, manga, comics, fanfiction, back of the bubblegum wrapping, etc.), drawing, watching anime, listening to music, playing video games, taking long showers, playing tennis (once every couple of years), playing poker (There is just something about when you bluff your way to the pot when everyone else has a better hand than you do; then in the very next hand, fold with the best cards on the table because you're paranoid.), talking peoples ears off, writing things (You know, just things... As in things you can't identify even after you write them.), mocking pretty much anything that seems too serious and several other things I don't remember at the moment.

Motto: Don't take life too seriously; you have no chance of surviving it anyway!

Favorites: There used to be a list here; but lately, trying to fit all the things I liked in it became pretty much impossible (read 'too much work'), so I'm just putting this here.

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