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Hey everyone. So I haven't updated like I hoped I would... unfortunately, my tech school takes up a LOT of my time so I can study. But I'm trying to get in 2 years worth of classes and schooling in 6 months, so it's been hard to do anything fanfiction related. Hopefully when I get to the clinical portion of school, I'll have more time on my hands to do that.

I've lately been inspired to do a Gaara/OC fic that my twin has been helping me out with. I need to relocate the first chapter and I'm almost done writing the second one. Pokemon is still on hiatus, mainly due to the amount of research/accuracy checks I have to do for Pokemon, attack moves, etc.

I would like to post some Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan and 'K' related stuff I've done in the past though...

I don't think I have the followers I used to anymore, and I know it's because of my lack of activity :( I'm sorry, guys. But my brain is getting so much medical knowledge stuffed into it, I can't keep up with this and school. I'll try and do better though, really.

Anyway, summer is coming up and that's when I'll be starting my clinical portion :) I should hopefully/maybe have more free time, so keep an eye out!

Love you all always,


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