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I'm a widowed librarian(1955 model) and have no talent to write but I do love to read.

I'm mostly interested in Supernatural and Alec of Dark Angel's season 2. I read many, many hours a week and I can't keep up with all my good SPN/DA authors! (I rarely read them, but I fell in love with the TV Salvatores and company when they went on the Netflicks streaming, since I remembered reading the original YA stories in the 1990s, when they came out.)

If you like SPN at all and have not read the 10/2008 story "Parenting Your Gifted Child" from Season 3 by bhoney, go and do it NOW!!! After years of reading, I still love "Parenting Your Gifted Child" best of all the cannon set SPN stories I EVER read. (Dean having a GED rather than a high school diploma only appears in season 5 and is out of character for John Winchester IMHO.)

Please leave RECS for good Vampire Diaries stories/authors that emphasis their lives and interactions rather than only the unrelenting tragic romance aspect.

I like both brothers and/or the other 3 boys and not showing the three girls as meaner than they are. Non-vampire alternate universes would be good too.

The girls don't brighten a lonely widow's day like the very handsome boys but they are really nice girls at heart. Damon calling Caroline out for being mean to her mom won my heart forever! I'm childless, but have seen many cases of families really damaging one another when they have too little in common.

Joseph Morgan would be REALLY pretty if he would shave when he's not in the woods or locked up but that KLAUS is gonna have to change a bunch for me to not want to kill him on behalf of poor Elijah and even mean girl Rebekkah! Poor severely crazy Kol was better than Klaus!

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