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Boundless Scholar PM
Joined Feb '11

Name: N/A

Age: Over 21

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Other

Relationship status: Dating, but not yet committed

Religious affiliation: neo-Pagan/ecliptic-spiritual

Reason for using this site: I'm a lesbian who enjoys reading femslash & good fanfiction.

If anyone is wondering why I have stopped all reviews or further communication with community members, it is due to a hate-filled message that I was sent from the author Zero Rewind. This message was very graphic and according to my lawyer a directed hate act against myself. Unfortunately, when I reached out to fanfiction for assistance in this matter I was left lacking in support on this issue. This, unfortunately, has come at a time that I was ready to publish my first story which now leaves me with my only recourse moving forward to discontinue my community activities on this site for the foreseeable future and publish on a different site.

until then

- I hope this is resolved in the future so that I can continue to read, enjoy, and respond to your fantastic works.


I have recently decided that I will place some trust within fanfiction again after the previous hate attack by an author against me. I know many other authors who have become disenfranchised by how protections for users function on this site. Thankfully as I have started law school feelings of vulnerability from these attacks coupled with simple IP tracing have lessened my worries. To this point, I have begun working on a new story that I will be posting within the next 3-5 months. For the new story, I intend to start a volume of work that should extend through an expansive story world that I intend to make into several sequels.

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