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ABOUT THE AVATAR: That, dear readers, is me and my robotic associates (see below for more details and proper introductions). From left to right: Mal 9000, Rob-E, Jenakin "Sobi" Ramsobi (me), Blink, Bibi, and Q-Bot. To find a larger, easier to view version of my avatar, search "JenakinRamsobi" or "Jenakin and the Bots" at deviantART.

Look, FFN! I finally updated my profile!

SO! I bet a lot of you are wondering when I'm going to post my first fic. Well...



On occasion, I like to incorporate a cast of seven robot characters into my reviews and private messages. (Previously, it was six. Before that, only five.) Each has their own personality, likes and dislikes, etc., and makes great conversation.

But first, lemme say that I'm not a skitzo. :P Alright?

"I'm not a skitzo."

There we go! :3

'Kay, then, now!...THE BOTS!

BLINK: Hey, I'm Blink.

Full Name: Blink Starmech

Relative Age: 16

Personality: brave, considerate, protagonistic

BIBI: Hello! My name is Bibi.

Full Name: Vivian Drama Androida

Relative Age: 16

Personality: kind, sweet

ROB-E: Hi, I'm Rob-E!

Full Name: Rob-Ert D'thrie (like D3)

Relative Age: 16

Personality: random, funny

MAL: I am MalCoLM-9000, but you will call me Mal, for short.

Full Name: Malevolent Computerized Logic and Algorithms Series 9000; or Mal Evolent

Relative Age: 17

Personality: meanspirited, antagonistic

Q-BOT: Greetings. My name is Quincy Bottholomew Cubemasters, but you may call me Q-Bot for short.

Full Name: Quincy Bottholomew Cubemasters

Relative Age: 20, though his mental capacity will astound you

Personality: intelligent, sophisticated

ANGEL: I'm Angel. Nice to meet you!

Full Name: Angelina Haloson

Relative Age: 16

Personality: sweet, tomboyish

TOBI: And my name's Tobi! I'm not sure what that's short for.

Full Name: Tobi Ramsobi

Relative Age: 16

Personality: almost Jenakin's clone (will be explained later)

JENAKIN: If you would like a picture, check out my deviantART account, at http://.


"All good things must come to an end."

—Mal, quite often

"Mal? What's this?"
"That? That's a phial of NITROGLYCERIN! THAT'S MINE!"
—Rob-E and Mal

"Tobi...I am your father!"
*Gasp!* "Really?"
"No, not really."
—Jenakin messing with Tobi in their first encounter

Take time to read each of the following sentences.

This is this cat.

This is is cat.

This is how cat.

This is to cat.

This is keep cat.

This is a cat.

This is moron cat.

This is busy cat.

This is for cat.

This is forty cat.

This is seconds cat.

Now, read the third word of each sentence. (If you find it funny, copy and paste it into your bio.)

Paste this message into your bio if you hate it when people tell you to paste stuff into your bio.

Paste this message into your bio if you realize the obscurity of the above message.

Paste this message into your bio if you don't know what "obscurity" means.

"The Inconceivable Gecko-Man Theme Song!"

Gecko-Man, Gecko-Man
Does whatever a gecko can
Can he swing from a web?
I don't think so
Cuz he's just a gecko
Look out!…
Here comes the Gecko-Man!

Written by Jenakin "Sobi" Ramsobi
Inspired by the Spider-Man Theme Song
Also inspired by valeforXD (formerly valefor035)

It IS possible to lick your elbow! Just don't bend your arm when you do so. Have your arm straight, crane your neck forward a lot, then stick your tongue out as far as you can. If you were successful, THEN COPY AND PASTE THIS MESSAGE INTO YOUR BIO AND SPREAD THE WORD! If you tried to lick your elbow, but failed, copy & paste it anyway.

Copy and paste this message into your bio if you think there should be a made similarly to FanFiction.Net, in that it is comprised entirely of fan-made material; in this case, videos and movies.

List of Future Projects I hope to someday complete:

~ Down on the Corner of Ruby and Sapphire. A Pikachu called Raian is fresh into the adult world. Seeking roomage, he selects a peculiar house filled with five peculiar Pokémon: a hot-tempered Cyndaquil, an honest Squirtle, an obnoxious Snivy, an enthusiastic Piplup, and a too-cool Treecko. Mayhem and chaos ensue as Raian learns the ways of the world he's been plunged into, a world where humans and sentient Pokémon exist as neighbors.

~ Power Rangers: Pokémon Champions. This is my take on the Pokémon Power Rangers genre. Ash and four of his friends become imbued with the spirits of the ancient Power Rangers in order to stop the evil Maleficus (whose own spirit has taken over the body of Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket!) from destroying the world. They will call upon many mighty Pokézords and a great many more powerful allies, including the mysterious Cryo Ranger, the chivalrous Gallant Ranger, the dynamic duo of the Gold and Silver Rangers, and the enigmatic Premier Ranger. Action and adventure abound in this thrilling saga!

~ A fic about the various adventures of a strange hybrid Pokemon called Luke. He is a Latocarrade -- a hybrid of a Gallade, a Lucario, and a Latios all at once. He is of unknown origin, and seeks out his biological parents on an epic quest to find his origins, to find the meaning of life, and to find himself. I'm going with a working title of The Hybrid Chronicles.

~ Something completely random and spooftacularistical (That's a word in my dictionary!), with lots of different episodes making references to different things. May or may not include Blink and related characters. No title as of yet; possibly The Chronicles of Blink! or something similar.

~ Several movies, but this is fanfiction, people. I can't post videos here. Actually… that'd be pretty sweet!

BLINK: [Cutting in.] Uh, Jenakin? They already have that. It's called YouTube!

SOBI: [Facepalm.] D'oh!

Alright, gotta go now, peoples, but I will stay in touch! Hey, I'm here most everyday, so drop by when you like! Ciao!

~Jenakin "Sobi" Ramsobi, Blink, Bibi, Rob-E, Mal, Q-Bot, Angel, and Tobi~

Blink, Bibi, Rob-E, Mal, Q-Bot, Angel, and Tobi ©2011 by Jenakin "Sobi" Ramsobi.

Below is a (supposed) warning from the FBI:

Federal Law prohibits the unauthorized reproduction of these characters without the expressed
consent of the owner. The use of these characters illegally -- i.e. saying you own them or created
them and making money from it -- may result in a fine of over $9,000 and a minimum 5 years under
house arrest, with a required two full years (730 or 731 days, depending on whether one of the
two years is a leap year) of serving the owner and
his company.

Any unauthorized reproduction that is publicized without the intent of gaining profit from it has been
given the OK from the owner, but only as long as the subject material is appropriate to be displayed
in public. Got it?

SOBI: I'm serious, people.

BLINK: Teen sex is also unauthorized reproduction. :3

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