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[UPDATE (21/2/16)] It's been about a year and a half since my last update. I'm not sure why I'm writing this cause I don't use fanfiction to write, publish or read fics anymore. I don't think I even went on the site once during the entirety of 2015. So here's the deal, I'm probably not gonna ever use FF anymore. I may pop in once in a blue moon but not to publish anything. I've deleted some of the stories I didn't like, and discontinued any that were still left uncompleted, and there were a lot, I find it really hard to finish writing something over 1 chapter. There were so many fics I had in the works but now are way too old for me to pick back up again. I apologise for being one of those assholes that writes one thing and just up and leaves. I do have an AO3 account that I plan to post fics on, but I'd rather not link it here. If you really want to know you can private message me and I'll give you the name. It'll be mainly GG fics, maybe RWBY too, we'll see. I'm also gonna remove any other social links I had on my profile, just cause I kinda want to keep this account separate from everything else. Basically, sorry for abandoning this place. If you want to leave a review or message feel free, I may not get to them very quickly but I'll get to them eventually. Thank you all for sticking with this account if you have, and thank you for reading my stories. You're all great people and I hope you have a good day.

Until whenever I next visit here,

Howdy, call me Speedster or Rachii, I really don't mind which. Welcome to the place where I don't post fics anymore! Yeah sorry about that, I really don't write much anymore. I'm trying, but it's really hard to finish stories for me especially. If you people want more, I'll try my best to get 'em out to ya. Otherwise, sorry for starting so many stories and not finishing them T.T

My Watched and Fav Animes/Mangas (old list):

Sonic X Yu-Gi-Oh! Pokemon Shugo Chara Naruto ToraDora! Higurashi no naku koro ni Junjou Romantica Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Ouran Highschool Host Club Special A Magic Kaito Stepping On Roses Kamichama Karin Vampire Knight Kaichou wa Maid sama Inu x Boku SS Free! Danganronpa Shingeki no Kyojin Mekakucity Actors Tokyo Ghoul DRAMAtical Murder Love Stage!! No Game No Life RWBY Hanamaru Kindergarten KissXSis

[EDIT] Fics that I started writing but didn't finish (These will never get published. Sorry about that.):

Pokemon [Paul/Shinji] - My list of Nicknames - Multichap
Higurashi - Rika's Revenge - Multichap
DOA Mash Up - Multichap
Junjou Romantica - A Day in the life of Junjou Egoist - Oneshot
Pokemon [Misty/Kasumi] - A change of Temper - Multichap

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