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Hello Fanfiction world!

If you are looking for Luna-Moonberry-Lovegood, I am here, I just decided to follow a friend of mine and change my name.

The fanfiction I write is always either Harry Potter or Revolutionary Girl Utena. I always appreciate reviews, and I hope you've figured out by now that flames aren't helpful. I am looking for a Beta, so if you or someone you know would be interested, please PM me!

Below is a list of fanfictions I am in the process of writing. If they sound interesting, keep your eyes open and you might find me actually posting one for once.

Dumbledore Gets Drunk: Do I have to explain? I didn't think so; one shot

Cotton Candy and Dragon Rides: Dumbledore takes some teachers to a theme park; one shot

Cheers Ron!: Ron and Hermione in the summer before 5th year; All notes and letters, in the style of Feeling Sorry For Celia, which is a great book by the way; Partner piece to xCloseMyEyesAndLeapx's Smile Harry! ; several chapters long

Revolutionary Girl Sora: A duelist, and a champion at that, before Utena starts the duels. I'm writing this with Memory-Drop Spice, and Sora is her original character. Probably REALLY long...

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