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The real name's Jeremy, yeah I know it's for a guy but I'm a girl! Some call me Lyka, some call me Mica and Lucy (I don't know why okay? Ask your seatmate if they know the answer XD)

Yuki's real name is Kaito and yes we're at the same age, and he's like my buddy since a long long long long time. But what I do know best is he uses my account to continue my stories! _ (such a sweet guy)

I was born on August 20 1999! Yes I admit I am young!

I'm shy, a little aggressive, and weird... I may seem harsh but I'm kind and sweet that's what I am...

I love music, books, arts, cold seasons, nighttime, dragons, dogs/puppies, kitties and I love my stuffed toys! (Yes I have a very immature mind and I am childish, but I can get extremely mature in mind ASAP.)

I am also very interested in constellations and their histories (because I find stars interesting)

Hobbies I do are drawing, reading and write stories if I have extra time which I sometimes waste on projects and assignments.. (Stupid school ==")

I get ideas or inspiration to write stories are the events in my life and the music I listen to I do not plot anything when I write and I do not even plan any pairings! So everything will be a surprise even for me! Because I don't know what pairing it is... and of what will happen next.

My favorite animes are:

Fairy Tail, 07-Ghost, Maid sama, Inuyasha and... Black Butler!

My fave characters are almost all of them "

The pairings I like are:

Gray and Erza, Lucy with Loki, Natsu or Gray, Levy and Gajeel, And weird pairings I LIKE ROGUE X LUCY! OR OR OR MAYBE ZEREF! OR OR OR! nevermind!

Sorry if I'll hurt people out there but I don't like Juvia X Gray, especially Natsu X Lissana am very sorry!

And that's all I have for now?...

Heck I don't know myself very well but I can only tell you that I am very addicted to anime...

Wanna check out my drawings?! PM FOR YESS!!! I'LL GIVE YOU MY FB ACCOUNT XDD hahah!


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