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I don't know if people still check out profiles as I used to do back in like 2012 lol (which is apparently the last time I logged on/updated my profile)!

I honestly have not been updating for a long time due to just life and school getting in the way, in addition to my lack of self discipline/motivation. But I'm back after a decade, and relishing the nostalgia of all of this! I started 3 stories ages and ages ago when I was 12 or 13, and since then I've kind of disappeared off the face of fanfiction. I'm not sure if I will continue them (as my 12 year old writing style makes me cringe and I've forgotten/lost my storylines so I'll have to rethink from scratch) but if you do want me to, please do send me a message/comment with some encouragement :)

I'm now in university lol - time has flown by! I made some friends here a long time ago and have not replied in so long so please forgive me. Happy to make new friends and send each other our favourite stories haha - do drop me a message!


- Gakuen Alice

- Prince of Tennis

- Haikyuu!!

- Kare Kano

- Piano no Mouri

- My Hero Academia

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