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zmanjz is a 36 year old Criminal Prosecutor, Juris Doctor, Licensed Attorney, and Anime Nerd.

Romantic fool that he is, He is a fan of action-comedies w/romance.

Currently shipping:

Ranma/Akane, Naruto/Hinata, Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, Caiphas Cain/Amberley Vail

And yes, he does enjoy the scent of Lemons.

If you have read one of my reviews, I have a wide background of psychological training and literary study. My background is in History, Sociological Study of Criminal Justice, and Prosecution.

While I love to read, I hate writing. So... much... irony. I prefer to speak to my audience then write. Though I find that my writing skills are used more and more as I grow older and fewer people are able to write a brief as completely as myself. It's hard to delegate when your self confidence exceeds your confidence in others.) But I truly love to read, and I know what I like. I am not easily impressed.

When I read Fan Fiction, I have but one simple demand: NEVER WRITE OUT OF CHARACTER.

This is simple to do. If you are going to make a character act insane, then include the descent into madness in the story. If you're going to make angst-ridden love blossom, then show us why.

I mean I love Ranma/Akane or Naruto/Hinata, but they need some reason to come together. It doesn't Just happen off screen.

If you're going to make a character's personality different from cannon, you MUST develop the new personality.

I hate when I'm reading a story and then slam face first into the brick wall of FAILED CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Please don't do this to me. There's nothing worse than getting several chapters deep into a story then realizing, "Man, this person has no understanding of the characters they're writing about." or "This person is an excellent writer, but has no concept of "Fan Fiction"


Now someone responded to one of my reviews: Well, you like Ranma/Akane so I'm going to disregard your review. (Condensed from 4 paragraphs)

Allow me to answer: While I do have a prefrence for Ranma/Akane, stories I ALSO like have included Ranma/Harem, Ranma/Nabiki, Ranma/Kasumi, Ranma/Hotaru, Ranma/Mokoto, Naruto/Ino, Naruto/Anko, Harry Potter/Bellatrix, Harry Potter/OC, Naruto/OC, Ranma/OC, Harry Potter/Ginny/Hermione and many other configurations. Hell, there is even a female harry potter (Jasmine Potter)/Sasuke crossover that is excellent.

Take a look at my favorites. While I have a special love for certain pairings (hence the term "preference"), just because a story has a different pairing does not disqualify it from being a good story.

"The story SUCKING" is the only thing that disqualifies a story from being good.

(Well... I also hate Yaoi. Sorry, I just don't find guys attractive. Honestly, I don't know how women find us guys attractive, I'm just happy that they do.)

But if I think a story is a pile of random gibbering, I'll tell you. and no, one can not be constructive if there is no foundation to construct anything upon. Just as you can't safely build houses on an average landfill, sometimes the critisim consists of : "Stop writing and think about what you want to do next time."

(While an unplanned landfill is just garbage, a carefully planned landfill can be used as a foundation for future construction.)

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