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About Me

Hello everyone! :)

My name is Aria Breuer. My pen name is Aria Breuer. I'm a Christian, I love faeries and Halloween, and I love spending time with my friends, family, and my pet.


My Community: A Hobbit's Comeback - a community of well-written fanfics - stories and poetry - about Frodo Baggins.

My Forums: Frodo Forever!, Writing Challenges!,

Writing Focus: Frodo Baggins fanfics, Frodomance (Frodo Baggins romance) fanfics; self-insert fanfics; October fanfics; Crossovers, Multi-Crossovers; occasionally one-shots, drabbles, and poetry.

My Favorite Characters: Frodo Baggins (LOTR); Edmund Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie (Narnia); Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter); Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean); Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars); Kovu (The Lion King); Mumble (Happy Feet); and Todd Brotzman (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency).

My Favorite Movies: The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King, Happy Feet, and The Black Cauldron.


Whenever I work on my profile page, sometimes certain sections are under construction. This is so I can update my profile page and give you new updates as well as completed fanfics. This is so there are fresh updates to my profile page for anyone who is interested in them. :)

My Standards for Writing

I DON'T accept the following: flames, harassment, bullying.

Also, please do not plagiarize my works. I work very hard on writing my works and it's very hurtful when one of my works gets plagiarized. So, please refrain from doing that. Thank you.

Of course, if you must write a fanfic based on my works, my OCs in them, please ask permission from me first, before you do this. This way, I know what you're about to write and post, and I may be interested in reading your works, too. Thank you. :)

Fanfiction Stories and Series Updates and Schedule


Milwordy Updates and Schedule

Note: Here in this section, we have my schedule and updates that I will keep during Milwordy. Enjoy! :)

Milwordy Challenge: September 1st, 2020 - August 31st, 2021

Milwordy Challenge Updates - 10/20/2020: I'm taking a writing break today. Not sure when I'll get back into writing. So, we'll see. :)


My Fanfiction Stories and Series

The Character Rehabilitation Center: Chapter 3, Drafting

Some Bonds Are Stronger Than Others: Chapter 2, Drafting

The Villages: Book 1 - The White Rose: Chapter 2, Drafting


My Music by Theme Challenge

Opening Ceremony: Completed

Rock n Roll: Intro, Completed; Opening, Completed; 1st Music Set - Brainstorming

Hip Hop: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Pop: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Rap: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Easy Listening: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Cultural: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Folk: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Fairy: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Pirates: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Fantasy: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Jazz: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Classical: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Orchestral: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Romance: Intro, Completed; Opening Chapter - Brainstorming

Opera: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Plays: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

ASMR: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Movies: Intro, Completed; Opening, Completed; 1st Music Set - Brainstorming

Writers: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Musicals: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Television: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Video Games: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Halloween: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Hard Rock: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Christmas: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Ballet: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Christian: Intro Chapter - Brainstorming

Country: Intro, Completed; Opening Chapter - Brainstorming

Closing Ceremony: Coming Soon...


My Fairy Tales Fanfics Challenge


My Pirates' Fanfics Challenge


My Heroes and Villains' Fanfics Challenge


My Four Seasons Challenge

Opening Ceremony:





Closing Ceremony:


My Holidays Fanfics Challenge

Opening Ceremony:

New Year's:

Valentine's Day:

Saint Patrick's Day:


Mother's Day:

Father's Day:

Christmas in July:

Hobbit Day (September 22nd):

Harvest Day (October 4th):




Closing Ceremony:


My October 2020 Fanfics

October 2020 Poetry:

The Witching Hour Begins! (M) - Completed

October 2020 Stand-Alone Fanfics:

Ghostly Love (M) - Completed

October 2020 Series Fanfics:


My Decade Anniversary (February 7th, 2021): Coming Soon...


My Long Series: Alternate Universe and Alternate Reality, with Canon Spread Throughout this Long Series :)

The Prelude Series

The Prequel Anthology: Phase 1

The Beginning Trilogy - Where It All Began

Aladdin and the Caravan - One-Shot 3, Drafting

The Mirror Universe (Prequel to The Beginning fanfic and Sequel to Aladdin and the Caravan fanfic) - Coming Soon

The Atlantis Chronicles

The Temple of Athena Chronicles

The Roman Mythology Chronicles

The Raulin Clarke Chronicles

Raulin Clarke, Apprentice to Merlin - One-Shot 1, Drafting

Story 2 - Coming Soon

Story 3 - Coming Soon

Story 4 - Coming Soon

Story 5 - Coming Soon

The Indian and Indonesian Literature Chronicles

The Chinese and Japanese Literature Chronicles

Australian and New Zealand Literature Chronicles

African Literature Chronicles

The Russian Literature Chronicles (Middle Ages Russian Literature)

The French Literature Chronicles (9th to 11th Century French Literature)

The Swedish and Norse Literature Chronicles

The Faery Chronicles

Canadian, American, and South American Literature Chronicles

The El Dorado Chronicles

The Fairy Tale Chronicles (Grimm's Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales)

The Pirates' Life Chronicles (The Golden Age of Piracy)

The Classic Literature Chronicles (18th, 19th, and 20th Century Classic Literature)

The Lilliputians' Escape (18th Century Characters from 18th Century Books) - Coming Soon

When Characters Meet (19th Century Fictional Characters from 19th Century Books) - Coming Soon

Huck Finn and the Artful Dodger (19th Century Characters from 19th Century Books) - Coming Soon

Hiding in Plain Sight (20th Century to 21st Century) - One-Shot 5, Drafting

The Blank Space Duology

Voices (tells what happened to me and my voices during 2005-2008) - One-Shot 9, Drafting

The Blank Space - Coming Soon


The Prequel Anthology: Phase 2

The Zero Dimension Trilogy (Silmarillion, LOTR AU "Alternate Universe", and Lion King AU)

The Zero Dimension - One-Shot 3, Rewriting

The Negative Numbers Dimension (Prequel to The Zero Dimension fanfic) - Coming Soon

Creation of the First Timeline - Coming Soon

The Makers Trilogy (Silmarillion & LOTR AU "Alternate Universe")

The Quest to Mordor (In reality, Frodo began his journey, the Ring quest, on January 1st) - One-Shot 6, Drafting

The Prequel Trilogy (LOTR AU "Alternate Universe")

Imprisonment at Barad-dur - Chapter 5, Drafting

Story 2 - Coming Soon

Story 3 - Coming Soon


The Prequel Anthology: Phase 3

The Exploration Series (LOTR AR "Alternate Reality")

The Tomb of Halanord - Chapter 16, Drafting

Story 2 - Coming Soon

Story 3 - Coming Soon

Story 4 - Coming Soon

Story 5 - Coming Soon

Creation of the First World Series (LOTR AR "Alternate Reality")


The Origin Series

The Third Age Anthology

The Dark Mistress Trilogy

Qua'ra and the Outcasts (Redo) - Chapter 8, Drafting

The Imprisonment of Tack (Redo) - Chapter 1, Drafting

Melena's Inquiry (Redo) - Chapter 1, Drafting

Scavengers of First Base

Occupation: Rat (Redo) - Chapter 1, Drafting

The Operation of the Century - Chapter 1, Drafting

The Final Entropy - Chapter 1, Drafting

The Faery World

Cooper and the Faeries - Chapter 2, Drafting

Seraphina and the Faeries [Work-in-Progress Story Title] - Chapter 1, Drafting

Frodo and the Faeries [Work-in-Progress Story Title] - Chapter 1, Drafting

Melena, Scar-ra, Katrina, Tack, Zeena and the Faeries [Work-in-Progress Story Title] - Chapter 1, Drafting

Parker Dooley, Maranguan and the Faeries [Work-in-Progress Story Title] - Chapter 1, Drafting

The Sphere World

The 12 Wizards - Chapter 7, Drafting

Evermore - Chapter 1, Drafting

Story 3 - Coming Soon

Story 4 - Coming Soon

Story 5 - Coming Soon

Night at the Museum Chronicles (Night at the Museum)

Wonderland Chronicles (Alice in Wonderland)

Frodo in Wonderland - Chapter 1, Drafting

Story 2 - Coming Soon

Story 3 - Coming Soon

Story 4 - Coming Soon

Story 5 - Coming Soon

Return to the Villages Fanfiction Trilogy/Mini-Series

The Dungeons and Dragons Chronicles/Mini-Series

The Magnetic "Masma/Makashi" World Chronicles [Trilogy]

The DC Cinematic Universe Chronicles [Work-in-Progress Title]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Chronicles [Work-in-Progress Title]

The Chronicles of Narnia Chronicles [Work-in-Progress Title]

The Princess Bride Chronicles [Work-in-Progress Title]

The Greek and Roman Mythology Chronicles [Work-in-Progress Title]

Jane and Pan (Pan, the God of the Wild) - Coming Soon

Story 2 - Coming Soon

Story 3 - Coming Soon

Story 4 - Coming Soon

Story 5 - Coming Soon

The Dinotopia Chronicles [Work-in-Progress Title]

The Master and Commander Chronicles [Work-in-Progress Title]

The Faudefire "Banthafree" World Chronicles [Trilogy]

Pirates of the Caribbean Chronicles [Work-in-Progress Title]

The Dragon World Chronicles

The Unicorn World Chronicles

Back to Teremode/Zafna Chronicles [Mini-Series]

The Morrowind Chronicles [Work-in-Progress Title]

The Halo Chronicles [Work-in-Progress Title]

The Pokémon Chronicles [Work-in-Progress Title]

The Seven Heroes Chronicles (The Heroes' World)

Back to the Villages Series

The Seraphina Chronicles [Trilogy]

Seraphina and Cooper - Coming Soon

Treasure of the Universe - Coming Soon

Book of Destiny - Coming Soon

The Talking Animals' World Chronicles

Back to the Faery World Chronicles [Trilogy]

The First Base Series (Ensemble Series) (Final Series in my Origin Series)


The In-Between Series

In the Shadows Series (Ensemble)

Warrior of the Sea - Chapter 10, Drafting

The Emerald Ring - Chapter 1, Drafting

Story 3 - Coming Soon

Story 4 - Coming Soon

Story 5 - Coming Soon

The Witcher Series (The Witcher)

The Shadow of Mordor/War Series (The Shadow of Mordor/War)

The Scoundrel Series (Morrowind)

The Obelisk Series (Oblivion, Skyrim)

The Shrouded Escapade Series (The Elder Scrolls Online)

The Druid's Legacy Series (Shannara Chronicles)


The Epic Struggles Series

Phase 2 - The Heroes Go To Hogwarts/College

Dragonoid - Chapter 13, Drafting

Hogwarts - Coming Soon

Story 4 - Coming Soon

Phase 2 - Heartless and Nobodies

Phase 2 - Heroes Team Up, Part 2

Phase 3 - Dark Heroes and Light Villains, Light Heroes and Dark Villains

Phase 3 - The Great Battle

Phase 3 - Heroes versus Heroes, Villains versus Villains

Phase 3 - Heroes versus Villains

Phase 3 - Resolving Issues

Phase 3 - Magic Is Coming

Phase 3 - Into the Grey

Phase 3 - Broken

Phase 3 - Union

Phase 3 - The End of the Third Phase of the War

Phase 4 - A New Beginning

Phase 4 -

Phase 4 -

Phase 4 -

Phase 4 -


The Aftermath Series

Phase 1 - Brainstorming


The Legacy Series

Phase 1 - Brainstorming

And that's it! :) Hope everyone enjoys my current and completed story schedules and updates. If I feel like posting my current works-in-progress, they will be put on my profile page here. For now, this is what I've got. :)

If anyone has any questions or concerns, or would just like to talk, feel free to PM me.

Enjoy! :) Bye! :)

~Aria Breuer

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