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Hello, everyone! My name is Banyaz!

FanFiction in general and original stories are a major part of my life as well as anime.

Also, to address my first story in Owari no Seraph or Seraph of The End: I am unsatisfied with its plot and characters and are probably discontinuing it until I get inspiration. I am very sorry and disappointed in myself but I would rather write worthy interesting chapters than half-assed chapters.

My second story: Discontinued

Some things I like are:

DrawingAnimeReading manga/manhua/manhwa/booksstoriesEating (food is life)RomanceAction/adventureHumorColors navy blue and red SpaghettiPizzaBoba JapanKoreaArabic

Mango juice

Dr. Pepper

My computer (#2 baby)My phone (#1 baby)CatsAnimals in general BeefMy bed K-popMusicIce Age 1,2,3,4Home Alone 1 and 2BTS, EXO, Twice, HyunA, LE, 4minute, Song Ji Eun, GOT7YouTubeTurkey baconKit-Kat

Some things I dislike are:

Stupidity Rude peopleMean peopleRacists SexistsAnti-Muslims Pickled radishOnionsGarlicSocializing (if I had a choice school and going anywhere would be burned and stuffed far, far down the trashcan and then proceeded to be thrown into a black hole in outer space)Donald TrumpSleeping (god, I wish we didn't have to sleep; makes my life easier like food and water... that's it)SchoolLife (*sigh*... why life... why?!)Having too many kids you can't provide for financially and emotionally Kids (annoying ones, the quiet ones are okay)PorkKilling animals for no good reason especially the endangered onesHating on everything for a stupid reasonDepression Illness/disease/cancerDoctors when they don't prescribe you what you want and NEEDAcneInjuriesSports (except volleyball and maybe basket ball)Horrible teachersImmature, emotionally unstable and toxic boys(and people in general)CoconutLoudnessDrugsDramatic/overreacting peopleSTDS (don't get them kids... don't)

Anime I have watched:

NarutoDragon Ball/Z/SuperTonari no Kaibutsu-kunGintamaDeath NoteFairy TailHaikyuu Hunter x Hunter (2011)Yu Yu HakushoMew Mew PowerSailor MoonOne PieceThese are just a few! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!
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