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Joined Feb '11

Hi! Welcome to my profile!

Penname: AnnaBananaKooKooCake

Origin: I needed a penname I could remember.

Age:12, soon to be 13.

Nationality: Russian Canadian (I spell words like colour with a u because I am Canadian and there are some things that are spelled differently, same thing goes for the British).

Favorite Subject: English.

My favorite authors (or mangaka's) are Peach Pit, Cassandra Clare, Lisa Mantchev, Charlotte Bronte, Amanda Friend, Christopher Paul Curtis (not because I won his contest, but because I like his way of writing), Matsuri Hino (all her manga's! Including Vampire Knight and Meru Puri (Top 2) :D), J.K. Rowling, AND A LOT MORE folks!

My personality is that I'm a bit of an imbecile sometimes, but over all, I'm nice (or at least that's what everyone else says). I'm very naive, mostly when the time comes for inappropriateness. I write poetry and stories and I wanna become an author myself. I really like to draw and... whatever.

Deviantart username: AnnaBananaKooKooCake

Youtube username: AnnaBananaKooKooCake

My BESTEST BESTY BEST FRIEND IS: rosepetals98! Go and be a good little girl/boy and... READ HER STUFF!!!!... or else... I WILL find you... O.o

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