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Dalonige Noquisi PM
Joined Feb '11

Really wish I could write good enough to post stories. So many ideas, so little skill...

Well, not enough skill to feel comfortable to post. Not to mention the pressure of updating in a reasonable amount of time. I'd hate to be an author that just abandons their readers.

But I do enjoy reading (sometimes too much for my own good)...hence I'm on this site.

I love stories with strong (but believable) original female characters. I may or may not be guilty of imagining myself as them.

I'm in love with SO many fandoms, that it would be ridiculous to try and name them all. Though, The Lord of the Rings stands above all the rest.

...and The Walking Dead. I'll admit to enjoying me some Norman Reedus. BUT my love for him stems from WAY before his role as Daryl Dixon. So suck it bandwagoners. Hahaha! Sorry

I love when authors match the geographic of the fandom. When I'm reading stories for Sherlock, Harry Potter, and Being Human, I definitely enjoy reading UK English opposed to American English.

CHECK OUT MY FANDOM INSTAGRAM : Rohirric_shieldmaiden ( it's kinda a mash up, but mostly Tolkien)

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@ Jessie_hallie

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