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Salutations !

I'm a 17 year old girl from the beautiful country that is Scotland

Well i say beautiful, if you've been to Glasgow on a Friday night you'll probably think differently.

I have two sisters and two brothers.They drive me utterly mad.

I have a total accent fetish, I'm not really a fan of welsh though, it's too nice to be fetishy about. is that strange?

I love Doctor Who but oddly enough i hate DW fan fiction, i think It's because I've been watching it since I was a child, i just dont like people screwing with the plot.

If i could have one super power it would be omniscience, although that's cheating because it's not really a super power more of a religious concept, but i still want it because I'm nosy like that.

If i could drink Cherry coke for every minute of every day I so would.I think my record is 3 litre bottles in one day, that's not really healthy is it, but then again the they do say the best things in life are either illegal, bad or fattening.

I am always quoting. Like constantly, half the words out of my mouth were thought up by someone else. I believe that there is a quote for every occasion, my favourite quote? That would be telling.

I love snakes but it might just be because my sister is so afraid of them that one time I had a leaflet with one on and she wouldn't get in the car before i'd thrown it away!I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my entire life.

The best love story I've ever heard is my parents, she was going away to India and he said if you still love me when you get back then I want you to marry me.

Sushi is amazing. Let's leave it at that.

I play the violin and after 5 years of unbearable screeching i actually play it pretty well.

I have a fiction press on which i intend to post my depressing poems and much loved characters with problems and a love for their own gender.

More than you know

I spend a terrifying amount of time on this story, like seriously, it takes so much out of me but it's worth it for the fact that someone out there is enjoying something that I've created.

You talk too much, Maybe that's your way of breaking up the silence that fills you up.But it doesn't sound the same when no one's really listening.

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