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Okay I finally got board enough to do this, a saying from some where, 'troublesome' thing. Anywho let's see as you can tell from my favorites I like a few, a FEW you say well I have no clue. Uhm yeah not vary helpful but, I do better actually talking to the person face to face so I might up date this I might not -Knight out-


Well hi there, I do intend to write out a fan-fiction, I have it somewhat outlined, just nowhere near the point to even think about uploading, I don't want to be banned right off, I will admit my outline is sh*t but I am slowly working on it, I have what is called dysgraphia, where I have a real difficult time to put my thoughts to paper, I have another story I am working on but I can't upload it here I have it on sofurry where I can put pretty much anything, but I like this community here I can see how other fans would change their fave shows/movies and how they thing, the way I am talking now and what will be in the story will be a complete 180, so I will head off and work on my outline some more and hopefully get a rough draft for a few people to read before I upload it. -Knight out-

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