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Hello. Im Jenefaner (Jen-ef-an-er...dont ask. lol) I LOVE reading fanfiction. Its a soothing balm. There are some incredible authors out there! I cant even remember the last book that Ive picked up. I seem to be glued to my computer screen, reading amazing works from everyday people just like you and I. I have quite the collection of favorites, so please feel free to rifle through them and enjoy!

My favorite Ships are;

Riddick/Jack (Pitch Blacks grown up Jack, not Kyra. Dont get me wrong, I like Kyra well enough, but I adore Jack!) Pitch Black/ Chronicles of Riddick

Logan/Marie (Wolverine/Rogue) X-Men

Victor Creed (Liev Schreiber version. No steady ship as of yet, but many great OFC pairings and a few X-Men pairing that are enjoyable. *sigh..Liev..) X-Men

Loki/Darcy (I love me some TaserTricks! and because, Tom Hiddleston.) Thor/Avengers

Clint/Darcy (Avengers Hawkeye falls for mouthy civilian Darcy Lewis. SoldierNerd Girl. Love it)Thor/Avengers

Draco/Hermione (Good girl, bad boy...whats not to love?)Harry Potter

Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper (a very cute couple. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch...) Sherlock

Jayne/River (Crazy girl, crazy man. special to me...) Firefly

Doyle/Cordelia (RIP Glenn Quinn) Angel

Spike/Dawn (lol, I know. But its still good...) Buffy

I dont do slash often, but there are a few exceptions.

I NEVER do cest. Come on. Really, people. Gross. The worst. I wont judge you if that is your thing, but I will avoid it at all cost.

Some of my favorites are over at Ao3 http:///users/jenefaner

My dA has several favorite folders with the above ships in them. I find that they make reading more enjoyable. ;) http://

My Tumblr has a few goodies in it as well. http:///

My list of favorite fics never stops growing. My list of favorite authors is sure to lead you to some fantastic work. I hope you enjoy!

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