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Hi! Guess I should start putting something up here, huh? Well, I suppose that for now I'll copy the general format. Please don't kill me! Oh, wait, you can't. :P

Well, for one thing, when dealing with me, you should know that my interests are a bit... eclectic (i.e. random). I tend to prefer anime and fantasy, but then I'll suddenly take interest in something that I wouldn't expect. Example, Supernatural wouldn't be what I would call right up my alley. I am, however, dying to see the next season.

Also, I can be a bit choosy, on occasion, although I tend to get over it. One of the best examples is Bleach. I used to repeatedly and loudly proclaim open hatred for that show. Process information. Now look at my favorites.

Also, before anyone makes a request, I DON'T DO YAOI. I can accept (perhaps a little grudgingly) that others like it and want to read/see/write it. I myself avoid it like the plague, and will never, under any circumstances, write it into any of my stories. If you happen to like yaoi, then please don't take this personally. I am perfectly capable of seperating someones preferances and their character. Incidentally, the first (and so far only) person to give my story and in depth review happens to like yaoi, and we are on very good terms. The reason that I am so adamant above is that I've seen numerous complaints from authors who said the same and were still badgered by hardcore yaoi fans.

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