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I write sometimes - procrastinate most of the time. Daytripper. Film guru. Eternally lost in space.

Leo. INTP. Chaotic Neutral. Slytherin. District Four. House Greyjoy.

Aside from my stories, I'm grateful for the opportunity to have written for two other massive collaborations over the years.

The first, Bring Them To Their Knees, I wrote for the ultimate edgelord, Lucian Drake from District Twelve.

The second was a Marvel Comics/Hunger Games crossover story called In The End, You Always Kneel, where I wrote for the scarlet assassin, Elektra Natchios.

SYOT Characters

I usually submit Careers just because I find them more fun and interesting to play with. I always make weird, dumb shit.

If you need submissions for your story, PM me and I'm always happy to oblige. When I'm not busy, I'm usually good at reviewing. Well, usually.

Thank you to all the writers that had to put up with my long bullshit submissions, infrequent reviews, and abrupt disappearances. Thank you to everyone that did my characters justice.

Shoutout to Jake, Sophia, and Cloe, firstly for being awesome, talented people but also for giving me some victors. For real, thanks for all the memories guys.


Carys Lavell, 16, "Firefly", District Ten, Reaped, Forever Neverland

Sterling Milano, 18, "Mammoth", District One, The 13 Games: Luxury

Ryella Duval, 18, "Medusa", District Six, Reaped, The Origins of Monstrosity

Aston Lamar, 13, "Gold Standard", District Six Random, Reaped, The Salvaged Six


Alexandra Demarco, 17, Thunder Bay, ON, In the Cut

Avanelle Aran, 18, "Blood Diamond", District One, Volunteer, A Song of Snakes and Rats

Jordyn Rossi, 18, District One, Volunteer, Hunt or be Hunted: The 205th Hunger Games

Delias Vayne, 18, District Two, Volunteer, To The Wolves

Endellion Dubois, 18, District Two, Volunteer, A Common Defense

Ozias Evermoor, 18, "The Undying", District Two, Volunteer, The 13 Games: Stoneheart

Parker Liddell, 16, "The Sinner", District Three, Reaped, Picking Up The Pieces: The 81st Hunger Games

Ivara Malone, "The Instrument", District Four, Operative, The Art of War

Adorae Durrell, 17, "Queen Bee", District Four, Reaped, A World Alone

Kepler Mallis, 17, "Pythagoras", District Five, Reaped, B.I.T.C.H.

Callister Dechant, 18, "The Mercenary", District Six, To Coda

Estrella Villon, 16, "The Starlet", District Six, Reaped, Ready for War

Lycus Malvo, 18, "Sunshine", District Twelve, Reaped, A Hero's Welcome: The 54th Hunger Games


Wyatt Lane, 17, "The Bully", District Seven, Volunteer, Epitaph -- Placed 4th

Blake Warren, 18, "The Glacier", District Two, Volunteer, Fear of Falling -- Placed 5th

Valya Debell, 18, "Ma'at", District One, Reaped, For Evergreen -- Placed 5th

Wyatt Lane (2.0), 17, District One, Ghosts of Our Past -- Placed 5th

Marshall Kilbourne, 18, "The Con-Man", District Five, Reaped, Lonely Hour -- Placed 6th

Corton Paventi, 18, "The Masochist", District Two, Volunteer, A Messenger's Angst -- Placed 9th

Owen Blackwood, 17, "The Black Sheep", District Four, Reaped, Lockdown -- Placed 10th

Paradox 'Dox' Delisle, 16, "The Vampire", District Three, Volunteer, A Poem of Swine and Wrath -- Placed 10th

Icarus 'Ike' Valera, 18, "The Fallen Angel", District Four, Volunteer, Oblivion -- Placed 11th

Demetra Van Sant, 17, "Spitfire", Sector I, All Eyes -- Placed 12th

Skylar Barassi, 17, "The Lost Girl", District Four, Volunteer, Haus Der Toten -- Placed 12th

Zeppelin Cross, 18, "The Swan", District Four, Volunteer, Secrets Inside -- Placed 12th

Zoya 'Zoe' Pavlenko, 16, "The Tomboy", District Four, Volunteer, Wish Upon A Star: SYOT -- Placed 12th

Ashriel Denaud, 15, "The Grim Reaper", District Twelve, Reaped, Pushing Up Daisies -- Placed 12th

Caspian De Ponte, 18, "The Lion", District Four, Volunteer, Break the Ice -- Placed 14th

Madison Carell (1.0), "The Girl Next Door", Rhode Island, Darkest Desires -- Placed 14th

Lilith Lark, 17, "Melody", District Two, Volunteer, The 18th: Standing in their Graves -- Placed 15th

Troy Westbrook, 17, "Mighty Mouse", District Nine, Reaped, Down to the Wire -- Placed 15th

Nevaeh Blume, 15, "The Wallflower", District Five, Reaped, Hideaway -- Placed 16th

Connor Poe aka "Kid Chronic", "The Lyricist", 18, District Four, Volunteer, Heights -- Placed 19th


Arlette 'Letta' Germain, 14, "Wednesday", District Eight, Wade in the Water

Avanti Trevino, 18, "Sugar", District Two, Reaped, Devil Side

Casimir Viteri, 27, "The Firefighter", Rhode Island, Days of Future Past

Claude Winters (I), 17, "The Sadist", District Five, Volunteer, 36th(?) Hunger Games SYOT

Claude Winters (II), 18, "The Deadbeat", District Four, Volunteer, Nth Hunger Games: Beginnings and Ends

Dawson Calloway, 19, "Dishonorable", Alaska, Blood Money

Ember Wade, 17, "Drama Queen", District Four, In Cold Blood: The 51st Hunger Games

Ignatia Lamont, 15, "Cinderella", District Twelve, You Win or You Die: The 15th Hunger Games

Lorelle 'Lore' Fetique, 16, "The Parasite", District One, Dust to Dust

Neros Lancaster, 18, "The Royal Scumbag", District Four, Danse Macabre

Pandora Lovett, 17, "The Nominal Hero", District Four, Artillery, War Game

Sota Shirai, 18, "Fizzy Pop", District Four, Volunteer, Set My Chains Free

Vendetta Scott, 18, "Wildcat", District Nine, Reaped, Seven Devils

Wren Stoker, 17, "The Addict", District Ten, Volunteer, The 13 Games: Ranching

Favorite Fanfiction Stories Characters

- Honora Cashmere Flloyd (Crush or be Crushed: The 204th Hunger Games) One of the most badass Career characters I've ever read.

- Con 'Rossencourte' (Bring Them to Their Knees) One of the most unique and funny characters I've ever read about in a Hunger Games fandom.

- Erik Fiske (Bring Them to Their Knees) Really complex character, I loved his anti-heroism and moral dilemmas.

- Adrenaline Rush (Fire and Ice: The 43rd Hunger Games) Just like her name implies, she's wild, well written, and once you read about her you can't get enough. Quite memorable.

- Saffron Le Bel (Fire and Ice: The 43rd Hunger Games) Easily the funniest original character I've read about.

- William (She Hates You) Comes from an original story in the Vampire fandom. He's a unique character with amazing development and an interesting twist. Simply unforgettable.

- Willow Lockett (Shot In the Dark) One of the best interpretations of a budding sociopath in the Hunger Games fandom. You barely hear about her in the story, despite being one of the major antagonists, though this makes her scattered appearances all the more special.

- Boston Williams (Tears of Blood) The darkest character I've read about in a Hunger Games story. The slow progression of his insanity is simply terrifying.

- Roy Rousseau (Tears of Blood) Unforgettable character, and the only pyromaniac I've ever seen in a Hunger Games story.

- Abbadon Sirus (The Disastrous 42nd Hunger Games) What can I say? This character was an absolute badass antagonist. He flew solo throughout the entire story, was a huge threat to the Careers, and kept his word. Story is filled with great original characters, but Abbadon stood out to me the most.

- Jed (The Hunters) This character comes from the Let the Right One In fandom. Jed is one of the most fleshed out and realistic characters I've ever read, and the story alone is one of the most tragic and well written on FF I have ever read.

- Zap "Tharizdun" Philistone (The Monster Within Us) Story is *decent* at best for an SYOT, but the character is so interesting it makes up for the writing. Zap is simply an unstoppable monster in the Games. Unrealistic? Maybe. But it's sure fun as hell to read about.

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