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I was an all time skip beat fan when I was in high school.

Now a few years later I'm still love skip beat (it's the only anime/manga that I still follow) but I'm not crazy about it.

But I have my moments when I even return to watch Bleach (that was my nr 2 on my favorite list of animes/mangas). But mostly I watch Skip Beat or watch an Hayao Miyazaki movie when I miss my old hobby of anime/manga.

I've this ability to empathize me into movies, and stories that I read. So sometimes I fel really empty inside when a movies is over or when I finish a really good book.

I've written 3 fanfics so far and 2 of them are complete.

I'm proudest over The memoir of Ren Tsuruga.

Someday I'll probably write a fanfic of another story. I'll try to keep this hobby of writing alive. It's good to have something to do and hopefully my english gets better as well. :)


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