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Profile Art is by Setyna Arts on Insta

Phoenix's cover art is by SaraDemons14 on Insta and edited by me

Some stories are cross-posted on Archive of Our Own under the penname, SunflowerSpectre



So what is he?: ADOPTED by Razer11
Slayer of Washington: ADOPTED by FullMetalPhantom325
Life and Death: ADOPTED by VioletLink7 (and the name is now Live On)

Spirits Within (Danny Phantom x Ghost Hunt) - Up for Adoption

In Progress

DannyMay2021 - updated each day in the month of May 2021

Phoenix (My Hero Academia/BHNA) - updated regularly

Boxed In (TMNT) - updated irregularly

Divine (Twilight x Lucifer) - Updated semi-regularly

One of the Last (Kuroshitsuji x Lord of the Rings)- Updated irregularly

Magic Bound (Ghost Hunt x Justice League) - Updated July 2020; updated irregularly

Unleashed (Ouran High School Host Club - rewrite of Containment Breach) - Updated 5-6-2020; updated irregularly

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