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Hello everyone!

i am 13 years old and my birthday is march the 12 and yeah i am gonna start to do storys but not yet but i have favorites of vk (vampire knight), if you would like to look on them and read, becouse i like they vk storys oh and all vk storys that are my favorites are Yuuki x Kaname becouse i'm vk fan and a yume fan and i'm truthful when i say this, i don't like Naruto and bleach!!!

Animes that i like & dosen't like:

1.) Vampire knight likes

2.) Ouran high school host club likes

3.) we, without wings likes

4.) the black butler likes

5.) Tokyo mew mew likes

6.) full metal alchemist dosen't like

7.) Naruto dosen't like

8.) bleach dosen't like

it's more anime that i like and dosen't like but here is some i likes and dosen't likes.

hobbies & likes:

1.) reading books & manga series

2.) watch animes

3.) cook

4.) strawberrys

5.) animals, cats, birds, wolves, foxes!!! ^_^

6.) singing

7.) listening on music

8.) be on computer

9.) watch television

10.) paint

11.) noodles

and more hobbies and likes i do have then just this =)

now you know some things about me like what's my fav anime and what anime i don't like and how old i am and what hobbies i have and what i like! Well...you should know that i'm a big vk fan and vk is the best anime i have watch, anyways, vk is the storys i will be doing later so you all know! ^.^

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