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I have been reading FF for a long time. Finally decided it was time to try my own hand at it.

I am Team Jake, hardcore. Not an Edward hater, just prefer the warmth! That being said, just be aware that any story I may write will most likely be a Jacob/Bella story, however, that -doesn't- mean I will only write J/B stories. I am not a professional writer, never claim to be, nor do I want to be! I just write for fun and I do not have any formal writing skills.

Reviews mean the world to a writer, whether good, bad or indifferent. If you like a chapter or story enough to read, please take 30 seconds to leave a review, it really isn't much to ask.

Thanks for visiting, and don't forget to review!

7/22/13 UPDATE*

All my FF stories are here now, some have been pulled by myself for major editing and will be reposted when I have time. Including a new story I'm seeking a title for, a Bell/Emmett pairing. I know, far different from what I usually write, and its currently being written but wont be posted until its finished.

7/4/15 UPDATE*

RL has been wild and unpredictable the past couple of years (family deaths, new jobs and animals), hence my stories have been temporarily on hold but NOT abandoned. All will be finished when life settles down.

And that brings me to a decision to make. Pulling my stories from here and adding them to my own weebly due to the rating issues, or seriously editing them down to kindergarten levels. None of my original stories are meant for those under 18 to read, but with the current rating system, all are "required" to be marked with the "K" rating regardless of their content and I don't feel that is appropriate. Should I decide on that route, to pull and repost elsewhere, I'll post the link here and in each of the last chapters posted of each story.

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