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Greetings, readers!

I'm a guy, 100% hetero, who likes writing about Tinker Bell. I thinks she's one of the greatest fictional characters ever created. She's tough, bold, independent, funny, and just really fascinating.

Now, the stories I write are pretty differnet from most of the other ones on her. I'm not saying the other stories on here are lame or boring, cause they're not. There are some truly incredible stories on here that are written by very talented writers, it's just that mine are not quite the same as the others, or at least that's what my intention is.

I don't shy away from the more "adult" or "dark" themes for my stories. There's violence, death, sexuality, and various other mature themes in my stories. Hell, I even have the fairies cuss in most of my stories. It's very balls to the walls!

That said, one of my favorite things to write are fem-slashes. It's not the only thing I like to write, but it's among my favorites. I really wish there were more of those kinds of stories on here. No offense to anyone, but I think Tink/Terence stories have been done to death, but thats just my opinion.

Anyway, enjoy my stories, review them if you want, I accept anonymous reviews. And above all; have an open mind, that's the best way to enjoy my stories! :) Read on!

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