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I write under the pseudonym MaryRoyale here and AO3. (RIP Granger Enchanted.) I'm in the process of moving stories off of livejournal and on to AO3. [Some of the stories on AO3 are not posted here and vice versa. I'm terrible when it comes to cross-posting.] Once that process is complete, I will be deleting my old livejournal account. If and when I branch out to other sites, I will include them on here.

You know what, I am *still* working on Arx and Desperate Measures. It might be crazy to believe-- but they are NOT abandoned.

I'm still dealing with chronic health issues. They are never going to go away--they're here to stay. I work on my fanfic when I can. I know that means that there aren't weekly updates, but that's the best I can do. It's either that or not write at all. So, yes, I'm working on them. No, I haven't abandoned them. My sister actually loves Desperate Measures and she brings it up on a regular basis. She calls to encourage me to update DM at least monthly.

Thank you to all of the genuinely sweet, kind people who have been checking in on me lately. I do have underlying health issues that put me in a high-risk category for any kind of respiratory illness--so we're taking all possible precautions healthy and safety-wise. My anxiety has been absolutely off the charts and has been screwing with some of my health issues. Some days I can't concentrate on anything for longer than 3 minutes.

WARNING and Official Disclaimer (Especially for Harry Potter Fanfic):

I tend to write Alternate Universes, and/or play merry havoc with canon. If you are uncertain as to what that means, an alternate universe is: is a type or form of in which canonical facts of setting or characterization in the universe being explored or written about are deliberately changed. (source: Wikipedia)

I don't feel the need to rehash canon over and over ad nauseam because so many other authors already do that just fine including JK Rowling. More power to them. I also don't feel the need to make Voldemort the center of my writing world because, again, so many other authors do that just fine. Really, if you're that anal and uptight about canon you shouldn't be here at all. Stick to the actual books and pretend like fanfic doesn't happen.

Straight out of the gate: The majority of my stories involve relationships with multiple people. You want hetero-normative and a good solid dyad bias? Don't read my work. Most of my stories are polyfidelitous, polyandrous, and may or may not involve twins/brothers married to the same woman. I'm not trying to be rude, but I usually post this quite clearly in either the summary or the first chapter and I still get reviews from people who are brassed-off because Hermione wound up with two men. What makes it difficult for me, as an author, is that I clearly label everything and I ALWAYS list my ships in the summary. It's simple: FW/HG/GW means that Hermione gets Fred AND George. RL/HG/SB: means that Hermione gets Remus AND Sirius. That's why it always strikes me as a bit peculiar that people can be surprised. (WHAT? In the story clearly labeled HG/AM/CB/OB, Hermione ends up with Abraxas Malfoy, Cygnus Black AND Orion Black??? :gasp: How did that happen?) Please remember, YKINMK. (I know that that can be difficult--trust me, I have my deal breakers just like you do.)

Right, so, you Harry Potter fanfic readers are amazing. Did I say that because I ought to have done. I have had two pieces of art made for stories which are as follows:

A beautiful banner was made for Roundabout Destiny by the competely scintillating Aurora's Shadow (aka LamiaEmber). I was so excited because she used the exact person I always have in my head when I'm thinking of younger Sirius without me ever saying a single thing. I love it so much! Check it out on Deviant Art because the tiny bit that is squished onto the cover here is only part of it.

A wicked cover was made for Soul Bonding by the charming HallowLight. (I have never been so happy that someone was bored!) Luckily, all of it fits so that you're not missing any of it.

In addition to the lovely art, Roundabout Destiny has been translated into Portuguese, Spanish (in progress) and Russian (in progress). It's kind of amazing that somebody wanted to do this, and I am really overwhelmed by the requests. I guess I'm grateful that you all love this story so much that you want to share it with other people. Thank you, gracias, obrigado, and спасибо.

Here is the Portuguese translation "Destino Desviado" as translated by BeaSnape:


Here is the Spanish translation "Destino Retornable" as translated by WALIXELA (sorry it took me awhile to get this up here):


Apparently there's a Russian translation out there too, but I can't read Russian so I'm uncertain as to how to post the Master Post page.

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