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Topaz Skye PM
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Hey Everyone!!

NOTE: My new account is called Midnight Glider, ( )I will now be posting stories on there instead of here because frankly I think this account is not becoming what I want it to be, so I think a fresh start is in order! I'm currently moving my favourite stories and authors over there. Though I may post experimental stories on here.

My friends on fanfiction:

-Forever Halfa (My new BFF XD We never stop talking about the randomest things, and we message everyday and at whatever chance we get, how is it possible that you can be BFF's whilst still an ocean away? Thank god for techonology! :D ) She is always there for me and undersdtanding too, so I treasure her company. We've even set up an account together to publish Danny Phantom stories, our account name is Forever Sky.

-Tigercub22 (A good friend that always gives me encouragement when I need it especially with my stories outside of fanfiction. Plus she always give me a good scolding or a whack round the head, if I don't give her some material to read. She sits next to me in almost every lesson o.O ...I can't escape XD)



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