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Kuroshi Ansatsusha87 PM
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I'm short, wacky, funny and fun. I love practicing and watching martial arts as well as reading and anime!!! I'm 4' and 11 1/2" tall and happily married.

Formerly known as Shortie87.

Since January of 2015, I've been struggling with living with Fibromyalgia which is an invisible disease which affects my nerves, pain receptors and other things to do with the human body, including something known as "Fibro Fog" which affects your memory as well as your speaking ability. I'm still adjusting but I know I am not alone. There are people younger than me living with this as well as people older than me that live with Fibromyalgia. This can happen to anyone but it is mainly seen in women. I know at least one man that has this invisible disease and at least two other women that has this as well. We have some good days and usually a lot of really bad days and a mix in-between. There are many other invisible diseases as well, so please remember that invisible diseases exist. We may not look sick but that doesn't mean that we are not in pain or don't feel well.

I am writing a few stories that I hope to put on here once a week or every other week once I'm done writing them.

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