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OK, just published by first story (definitely NOT a oneshot!), with a great deal of help from some friends (and authors themselves). As of this moment as I update here, there has been a surprising amount of hits on it, and even a review! I look forward to continuing this story (and maybe another some day), so far so good. TTFN

About Me: I am a Retired Soldier (US Army - Active 1976-1992, Reserves 1992-1998), Proud Father of 3 Great Kids (2G, 1B, in that order), Proud Grandfather of 5 Beautiful Grandchildren (3G, 2B, oddly enough, in that order too). My eldest Daughter and my Son are currently Serving in the US Army, and my middle Daughter is a Teacher in Queens, NY (She has both her Bachelors and her Masters from NYU). Needless to say I couldn't be more proud of them. Currently, I am Single (Divorced, amicably), and at present the Asst. Mgr of a Family run restaurant (open for over 50 yrs) in Downtown Portland Oregon. I am also an Asst. Scoutmaster in a Boy Scout Troop, and I have until the past several years taught "Hunter Education/Safety" (for over 12 yrs, until the State started requiring $50,000 bonds for Un-paid Volunteers, and a few other misc. ridiculous rules that didn't help). I still enjoy Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting (OK, the "Outdoors" in general) when I have the time. When I'm not doing any of the above, I am either reading a book (you know, those things that you used to read that were made out of Paper that had real pages that you had to physically turn so you could read the next page), or digging through the mind boggling variety and quantity of Fics here on . Oh, and either working on my fic, or helping a friend with her fics as an undocumented Beta.

BTW - I am Male (if the above paragraph didn't clue you in, LOL)

If you can read this message, you are blessed, because over two billion people in the world cannot read at all:

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Amzanig huh?

Yaeh and I awlyas toghuht slpeling was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

If you can read that please put it in your profile.

Sadly one of my quirks is to read ALL of a new fic that I have run across, and then review the latest chapter after I am done (then review any new ones as they come out). This seems to work OK for me, whereas if I were to write a review as I go along, I feel kinda stupid suggesting something, or asking a question that has already been covered "ages" ago. Particularly so with "Completed" stories. Also, I have a tenancy to not write short reviews. I feel that an author should get something more than "Good Chapter" or something similar, as long as it is constructive and not a "flamer". I enjoy trying to figure out what is going to happen next, most of the time I do a fair job of it, and sometimes I am Way off, but not very often, LOL.

One of my pet peeves has to do with any "Military" references that run across that are blatantly wrong, granted, most of us are not military experts (some of you have never served in any capacity, some aren't even old enough to do so), and those of us who have served, are quite proud of our military(s) in general, as well as our Nation(s). So it kinda rubs me a little raw when I run across something like that. True, and I agree with you 100%, this is "Fantasy" at it's best, but does. If I have offended anyone by that little rant, I apologize, I always try to give constructive criticism when I do, and I NEVER Flame.

On a side note, I have not abandoned my story, my co-author and I have run into a little "glitch" as to how we want to go from here, we know basically where we want to go, but we are having a little difficulty putting it down like we would like it to be. So if you have any suggestions, PM me with any of your ideas, and we will always give credit due to anything we may use. That, and we have been a little distracted with several things, including other projects, keeping up on our favorite stories as they update, and reading new stories (both new, and new to us). Strangely enough our lives are quite full, lol. Thank You. TTFN

Update 9/4/15

The last Year and a Half has been a little surreal, many things have happened, both happy, and sad. One of the saddest was that a very good friend of mine, who also was my employer, had passed, she was only 53. I had known her for over 20 years, done many things with her and her family, and as a matter of fact, not only do I, but my kids think of them as Family too. She had been Hypoglycemic all of her life (which is basically the opposite of Diabetes) so she had to watch her diet to ensure that her body sugar stayed at a nominal level, just like Diabetics, but her's was naturally Low, and borderline too low, whereas Diabetics need to work at keeping their Blood Sugar low, whether by Diet and/or Insulin. She was always healthy, ate right, took her vitamins, and exercised regularly. Little did we know, but a some point Hypoglycemia WILL turn into Diabetes, without the person knowing that it did. We figure that it happened about a month before she had died, as about that time her vision had changed, later she became incessantly thirsty (which is a Major symptom), and in the last two weeks, the only thing that would slake her thirst was Root Beer (she drank about a 2 Liter a night!), little knowing she was Poisoning herself! During the last week she had said that she "had never felt better in her life", and in the last days, she had what we thought was a cold (there was a bad strain going around at that time, that seemed to hang on forever). The day she died, her husband of 26 years told her that he thought something was off, and that he was going to take her to see a Doctor, she said No, he then said, " I'm going to that bathroom, and when I get done, we are going!", and being the wonderful Read Head that she was, she had to get in the last word, which was "No". He was gone only for a minute, and when he got back, she had stopped breathing, he started CPR, and called 911. The Paramedics got her heart going again, and took her to the Hospital, where it stopped again, never to restart. When the Doctor got the Lab work back, he said that he didn't need to do an autopsy, as he knew exactly what had happened, she had had a Diabetic Heart Attack due to both her Blood Sugar AND her Potassium was astronomical, the potassium being the worst. All of that sugar and potassium had numbed all of the nerves that would have told her that something was wrong. We were told that at the stage she was, even if they (the Doctors) had gotten to her even 5 days earlier, they still couldn't have done anything for her, other than to make her comfortable before she passed. Sadly, she had made an appointment for the next day to get her blood tested. Also sadly, due to what could be termed as a comedy of errors (and a little greed by City Bureaucracy), on her passing, we had to close the Restaurant that had been in the family and running for over 50 years. A week or so after her burial, her Husband had a very memorable Dream, and in this dream he had taken her into the Doctor a week before her death, and was told that she would die in a week, and was asked whether or not he would tell her, he thought about it, and said "No", the Doctor asked why, and he told him, that if he did tell her, she would be miserable until she died, and if he didn't, she would go home, be happy, enjoy herself, and pass peaceably (which she did!). When he woke up, remembering this dream, he knew that his dream self had made the right decision, and he wouldn't have changed a thing.

On the flip side, I am a Bad Grandpa! I didn't post that my eldest Daughter had had a new Daughter of her own! She little cutie is almost 6 months old! Which brings the total of Grandchildren to 4 Girls, and 2 Boys!

Also. we are still trying to work out the bugs to our story, but keep getting distracted, we will figure it out as soon as possible.

Thank You, TTFN

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