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i like to write about green day and MCR, this is co i luv em ;)... not forgetting the amazing black veil brides :) some people may call me a little crasy, im kinda mad ;P oh well!!!! and i love billie joe armstrong and GERARD WAYYYYYY!!!!! ANDY BIERSACK!!!!! also i ADORE ray toros hair mmmmmmm(dreamin of afro) sooooo ummmm craynesssssssssssss RIOT!!!!!!!!!! ooooh oranges!

I promise I don't bite so cme talk to me some time, if you got any questions just ask :D Here's a tiny whiny bit of info about me... I have no enter key on my laptop... yeah... I'm like a massive kid, no joke. My fave movie is blue brothers, Fuck yeah!!! Oh, and I like PAUL, that is some funny shit right there! I don't have a fave band, I just like LOTS of music... BVB, MCR, GD, paramore, nirvana, Hinder, BFMV, the pretty reckless, foo fighters, ETF, system of a down, Alkaline trio, lostprophets, guns and roses, deep purple, Nickleback and loads of other awesome bands. basically I like rock, metal, a little bit of blues and other shit. My fave game is spyro: year of the dragon... I told you I was a kid... and It is a classic... Oh have u ever seen jeepers creepers 2?? Its awesome when he rips that girls head off and... well yeah... I also think paranormal activity was a crappy low budget film and I didn't want anything to do with the second one cos it probably isn't any better... Normal ppl are boring! Be different and unique, Its more fun! The crazy ppl are always the most fun ;D

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