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(99% of the length is my absurdly high (442 as of this update) number of faves, so don't let that tiny scrollbar spook you. There's no chain of copypastas here anymore.)


I'm female, 24, working full-time, and my name doesn't matter. (Sara, Kay, Jedi, anything's fine.)

I've got a not-so-secret love of SIs and OC inserts. This is carrying over to the works I'm planning, because of course it is.

Time loops are my absolute favorite thing. Unfortunately, they're not very common, so I settle for time travel. (Please, send me time loop stories. I do not even care if I haven't seen the source material or if it's original fiction. I will read the shit out of it.)

Also, demons are pretty dang cool. And psychological horror. And isekai. I like a lot of things. Manga recs are always welcome.

My main fandom is somehow still Naruto, despite not reading it since the Kage Summit. I've been living off of spoilers ever since.

Feel free to follow me on tumblr. I'm kayhaat over there. I reblog funny things and some nice art, and keep my blog generally sfw.

I also have a tumblr side blog focused on my writing and OCs: SaraGold.

My AO3 is SaraGold. I collect nice stories. (Also sometimes porn. Be warned if you plan to be innocently going through my bookmarks.) Everything I write in the future will be cross-posted over there.

I'm not going to post something until it's done. I'm the worst at actually finishing things, so better fifty promises of fics than fifty dead fics, right? And this way, I can edit and revise until I'm satisfied. And if I get a new idea and completely change directions, I won't be leaving plots hanging with no resolution or have to suddenly revise half the story to make it work. I can do that behind the scenes.

If your story is completed, I'm 30000% more likely to give your story a shot if I'm not sure I'll love it. I will tolerate a lot of meh and cliché writing if I know an end is in sight.

Lately, my main source of new works to read here on FFN is the favorites list of authors I like. And I subscribe by rss feed to three smaller fandoms. On AO3, I search tags and bookmarks.


(16) Feb. 24, 2019 - Happy birthday, me! Made some updates throughout. Added more details to my planned original fiction. Added a content warning on one of the fic recs because I reread it and realized I should probably warn people about that shit if I’m recommending they read it.

(15) Aug. 21, 2018 - Updated Progress. Secondary Symphony series will now have five parts instead of the previously planned four. (May change naming scheme to something more relevant to the themes of the series instead of the random classical music thing. Music isn’t exactly a motif I’m using, so, tonally correct or not, it doesn’t fit.) Deleted poll for SS 3’s fandom. (Increase in sections is related. I figured it out and now have some ideas to go on.) Added number 40 to Pet Peeves list.

(14) Feb. 13, 2018 - Updated Intro. Updated Progress. Basically updated everything slightly. Removed a story from Fic Recs.

(13) July 14, 2017 - Added number 39 to Pet Peeves list. Minor updates.

(12) March 30, 2017 - Added numbers 37 and 38 to Pet Peeves list. (aka "So I've been slogging through RWBY OCs because I clearly hate myself and also this bothers me in Naruto fics but not as much") Minor updates.

(11) March 14, 2017 - Updated Progress. (More like... reformatted it and revealed titles... because I've made no progress...) Updated intro. (Happy late birthday to me.) Updated some wording throughout. Removed a story from Fic Recs. Removed number 9 of Pet Peeves. (I have learned the joy of coffee shop AUs.)

(10) Aug. 16 2016 - Updated Progress. Added a poll. Alphabetized Fic Recs by series instead of just title. Edited Pet Peeves. Removed some OTPs because I don't look for fics anymore.

(9) June 18 2016 - Updated Progress. The poll is now removed. (I decided it without any votes at all. (RIP)) Decided that after ten Changelog entries, I'll start deleting the oldest one and always keep ten on my profile. (This is number nine.) A new poll has been put up. Hopefully someone votes this time. Added some actual information about me.

(8) May 5 2016 - Avatar change. Added a poll. Which idea do you think would be better? Legit curious. (Oh god it's three am. I have to get up in five hours. Fuck.)

(7) Dec. 19 2015 - Updated Progress. Removed Planning Rambles. You all don't care until I have something to show for it, so why make clutter, right?

(6) Sept. 06 2015 - Adjusted wording throughout. Edited Progress. Changed username to reflect my current preferred alias. (Unfortunately, SaraGold was taken, so the url can't be mine in any variation, so I have to be 1337 about it. QAQ Why do I have to be the doof?)


Secondary Symphony Prequel Side Story Part 1: [???]
Will probably be posted before the main story to give some background on the other characters and the situation. Reading optional but recommended. Unsure how many will be needed for proper background. I may only need Allen’s.
Allen - Nearly done. Revising periodically to improve flow and clarity.

Secondary Symphony Part 1: [Sonata di Fallimenti]
Will be posted when it is completed.
Outline - Still have to rethink the minor bits, but the big strokes have been put down.
Summary - May or may not be final.
Chapter 1 - Going to be rewritten. May or may not switch to 3rd person instead of 1st person to better integrate some scenes.
Chapter 2 - Still not started.

Secondary Symphony Part 2: [Descensus Organum]
Basic mental outline done. Some mostly scrapped snippets written.

Secondary Symphony Part 3: [???]

Secondary Symphony Part 4: [???]

Secondary Symphony Part 5: [Rondo del Ricordo]
Mental outline done, but that's about it. Will be short.

Secondary Symphony Sequel Side Story Part 1: [???]
Actually have a solid chunk planned and a small snip of the intro written. Probably a oneshot. Focuses on a different character.

Secondary Symphony Sequel Side Story Part 2: [???]
Another solid chunk planned. Probably one/two-shot. Focuses on a different character.

Secondary Symphony AUs, Oneshots, Drabbles, etc.: [???]
Will basically be miscellaneous adventures that don’t need to be full stories or in-depth side stories like the planned ones above. Things that happened or could have happened at some point in their many, many lives.

SIs that may or may not ever see the light of day:
- The one I actually want to write and publish, but my muse refuses to give me anything at all. [Succedaneum]
- The one where I filled out a CYOA and got lots of ideas. (More OC than SI, probably.) [???]
- The one I'm terribly ashamed of, but won't leave me alone that's looking more and more likely to happen. (I'm in legit planning stages. Oh god. Why am I such dialov trash.) that has a name now dear god why am I doing this to myself. I have a shitty draft chapter written for it oh god why won't this leave me alone I don't actually want to write you. [Little Dreams]
- The one where I am such Fire Emblem: Awakening trash. [???]

- A Jumpchain! [???]

Other fics that might never get written:
- Naruto OC that I'm borrowing in Part 1. (She always had a story of her own; I just grabbed her for a family member in SS.) [Tsukurimekura]
- A Tokyo Ghoul OC I made for an RP might get a long oneshot. [???]
- A hopefully humorous RWBY OC team story that may or may not be written ever because I literally only have the team name. [???]
- A pile of short-ish Dragon Age MGiT stories.
- Maybe some quick drabbles about my Dragon Age Wardens. Maybe.

Original Fiction I'm working on in theory:
- A fantasy/adventure story in two parts. Maybe a sequel, maybe just a long book with different narrators. (Because the first narrator is getting bodysnatched.) Dunno yet. Secondary original fiction focus. Includes a pair of oblivious lesbians, low-powered elemental magic, and some very pissed spirits. [???]
- A werewolf/general urban fantasy story about a bi werewolf girl who is very in love with her monster hunter best friend. (Kara's home world. Because if I'm going to come up with vampire rules, I may as well use them for something legit.) [???]
- A dragged into a fantasy world story whose concept started as an idea for a Dragon Age MGiT story that I thought would work better for an actual book. Pretty dark. Primary original fiction focus. Includes a lesbian princess in a succession crisis, a bi guy who is very into this fantasy adventure, an ace guy who is very done with this fantasy adventure, a girl who has zero chill and doesn't think things through, and a dragon who just wants to fight shit. [???]
- A superhero story that was originally an RP idea I never bothered to play out with anyone. [???]
- An original fiction tie-in to Secondary Symphony with a new protagonist stuck in a situation very like Allen's started out, but in a fantasy world instead of a modern one. [???]

Fanfiction Pet Peeves
Things I Refuse to Read Without a Rec Unless I'm Desperate for Fic
Main Reasons I Stop Reading
(Oh dear do I have a lot! And it's really obvious I'm bitter about some specific fics...)
(Not everything applies to this site. Some are responses to fics on AO3, where it's easier to find what you're looking for due to the tagging system.)

  1. Lots of OCs in a story that's not specifically supposed to be about the OC and their adventure (like original pokemon trainer stories). When I can't keep track of them anymore, I will quit reading, no matter how stunning your plot/writing are. (Though if it was really stunning, I would care enough about your OCs that this wouldn't be a problem...) Also, submit-an-OC stories which are usually poorly-written or jump so much I can't keep anyone straight. (Most of these stories I've encountered have been Hunger Games ones, so the twenty-four plus perspectives in a single story are just absurd.) If you announce that you're about to toss in 3 more important OCs than you already have, chances are I'm already slamming the door on my way out if I'm even the slightest bit iffy about continuing to read your story. Please, don't include a character for no reason and then give them no actual relevance on the plot.
  2. Walls of text. For obvious reasons.
  3. Bland writing.
  4. Unfinished time travel/time loop fics. There's not enough of my favorite variety, but when I find a good one that hasn't been updated since 2012, I die a little inside. I'll still read it, but I'll hate myself for getting attached to ANOTHER dead fic.
  5. Magically expanded storage containers in Harry Potter fanfic. I don't care if it's canon, you're just using it as an excuse for your Sue or time traveling super!Harry to have literally everything they could ever need and then some. Right. Boring! And then you never even use it.
  6. Homonyms being switched. (The two/too/tos and there/they're/theirs go here.) Also, though not really a homonym, quite/quiet. "Quite" is a word I use quite a lot, so this one especially frustrates me.
  7. Poorly written time travel fics. Really, the best you can do is "war devastated the land and everyone's dead and our hero/one of the main characters with an optional sidekick from the supporting cast whom you found interesting get to go back in time to save everyone"? There's only so many times I'll find that interesting, especially when it's obvious the characters won't have any trouble with their old enemies 'cause they're super-powered.
  8. High school AUs. 99% All of the ones I've read are horrid.
  9. Canonically intelligent characters being portrayed as idiots. And I don't mean for comedic reasons. I mean for bad writing reasons.
  10. When a character is so OOC it's like the author hasn't even seen the source material. Like they literally just saw some pictures or read other badfic and decided these characters were cool and they needed to write about them asap.
  11. Rape. Not unless it's a consensual bedroom roleplaying scenario. I don't want to read it. Especially bad if the fic was just a normal fic up 'til this point with no warning.
  12. Age differences when both characters aren't consenting adults, or if one is very obviously underage. Write an AU where the only difference is that the character is 18 and looks it. Write something post-canon. Whatever it takes. Please.
  13. Lack of consequences for an action. Especially if that action is something that would have serious consequences for another character in the series. Like mass murder or attempted genocide. And then the other characters just shake it off like "Oh, you did all these bad things, but lets not talk about them ever!"
  14. Romanticizing villain characters for literally no reason other than their physical attractiveness or tragic backstory.
  15. Using romance to redeem a villain and make it all better.
  16. Romance when I expected gen.
  17. Gen when I expected romance. Alternatively, an excessively slow buildup with a general lack of chemistry.
  18. Romance developing in too short of a time frame. Crushes and infatuation can be instant, but not true love.
  19. A main pairing other than what was tagged, especially if it's one of my NOTPs. And tagging a former relationship as one of the relationships when you're explicitly writing my NOTP and cluttering up my OTP's tag.
  20. When I literally can't escape my NOTP because it's the most popular ship in the fandom. Especially when I'm looking for fic where one of the participants is shipped with someone else.
  21. Pointless angst.
  22. Whiny Sues that don't do anything.
  23. When a character is said to have a trait and doesn't live up to their name. Character shilling in general.
  24. When I get a fic rec from TVTropes and then the fic winds up being complete shit. And it wasn't under "so bad it's good."
  25. Excessive bashing of a character. Like what Perfect Lionheart did to Team Seven in "Chunin Exam Day" and all his other fics. And what I've seen Dramione and Harmione fics do to poor Ron.
  26. When I love a fic, and then I go back to reread it a couple months later and find out it was actually really bad.
  27. When I can't find a fic anymore 'cause I forgot to favorite it and literally no amount of searching helps because it's a popular concept and maybe it got deleted and I just can't find it. (Not to mention I'd found it back in, what, 2010? 2009? in the Pokemon section. Yeah, no hope for that one. I'm not going through angsty Pearlshipping. Never.)
  28. When a great fic gets me to ship a crackship seriously and then I find out that AO3 has literally three fics for it.
  29. Vampire AUs. Like ?????? I was never super into vampires, though they definitely have their places. If you’re not an author I trust to write well, I’m not touching your vampire AU. Sorry, not sorry.
  30. RPFs. There's just something weird about seeing fics about real people. Especially if they're smut. It just seems invasive. Like, aren't tabloids doing enough to these poor celebrities? I get that you love them, just... Writing fics about them... No. (Pssh, I remember when there was fic about the Jonas Brothers. That takes me back...)
  31. Songfics. Just... No. It's either got nothing to do with the story and just breaks up the action or it's your shitty OC singing it.
    Or worse, your OC wrangled the canon characters into doing karaoke with her Sue-per powers in an attempt to show us how "clever" you are connecting Linkin Park to our lovely villains. Or some superficial similarity to a character like the shark-looking Kisame to "Under the Sea."
    Or even worse, you've taken inspiration from a song and put the lyrics describing exactly what's happening right before it happens, thus providing endless spoilers for your own fic. (Yes, I actually saw this. It was awful. It made a meh but otherwise unobjectionable fic suffer.)
  32. When a story is just retelling canon. (I recently dropped a story specifically because of this. I liked the OC and the writing was good, but it was a canon rehash from an OC's perspective. I hung on to the end of a major arc to see if even one character who had died or lived had a different fate, or even was different at all, but nope. (Hell, even having the OC initially want to join something other than the Survey Corps would get points from me. I mean, the setup was perfect for her to be saved by the Garrison but nooo it had to be the Survey Corps.))
  33. Breathe and breath. Been noticing this a lot lately and I hate it every time someone yells for their dying companion to "breath." "Breath" is the noun. You can hold your breath. "Breathe" is the verb. You can breathe heavily. Yeah, some of it could be typos, but seeing the same mistake again and again by the same and different authors really makes me cringe.
  34. Crossovers that came out of nowhere in the middle of the fic and were never advertised. Especially if there's no explanation. If I had any respect for the author, I might have let it slide if it had literally any purpose in the story beyond an egotistical wankfest of a harem. (Yes, this is mostly in response to Perfect Lionheart's disgusting excuse for a Worm fic. I forgot I was still subscribed and held on for too long in hopes that he'd gotten better and it wouldn't be shit. It's worse. God, he's even more insufferable in SI form.)
  35. Crossovers that don't even try to explain their existence in any meaningful way.
    Like, Hermione was a ninja the whole time, but this doesn't affect the Harry Potter story at all beyond screwing the epilogue! And she's not just any ninja! No, she's an Uchiha prodigy that puts Itachi to shame and returns just in time to salvage the Massacre! Ha!
  36. Perfect Lionheart. Yeah, that about covers it.
  37. When an author thinks they've cleverly hidden who a mysterious person could be and they really, really haven't. (When there's no canon character that would go by that pseudonym or have access to the OC's stuff from home and send it to them. And you've mentioned literally everything we would need to put it together in one conversation. And you still don't expect us to put it together.) Have a little faith in your audience, please. Better yet, if you want it to actually be a mystery, make it far less obvious.
  38. Tacking on an extra team member. Like a fourth genin in Team 7 or a fifth member of team RWBY. I would actually much rather you replace one of the canon team members. You don't even need a complicated AU! Just straight up don't acknowledge them and take all their good scenes! I will still be more likely to read your story than one with an extra teammate. Especially when the extra teammate is paired with the Hot One of the group. (Double especially when you don't even acknowledge the team naming scheme (in RWBY) and just name your OC whatever.)
  39. In a crossover or OC fic, when you get to the backstory sharing part, having the inserted character chime in like "Oh, you think your tragic backstory is bad? What I went through is easily twice as bad! My series is way darker than yours! Pity meeee!" (A scene like this was recently a tipping point for me in a crossover I'd been reading. I'd only stuck with it so long because it was completed and started with an interesting premise.)
  40. When an OC has a name that is blatantly foreign and clashes horribly with established canon. Like a modern American name in an anime world without English-speaking countries (Naruto, etc.) and the OC is supposed to have lived her whole life there. (Doesn’t bother me if the OC was dumped from a modern world, of course. But I expect at least one comment on how foreign the name sounds.)

Super-Ultra Awesome Fic Recs
Even if some of the pairings or premises are somewhat out there or the summary is garbage, these fics are really good. I wouldn't be recommending them to you here, otherwise. At least check out the oneshots. Pairings listed unless revealing it would be actual spoilers or there simply aren't any of note.
(For the "Slightly Less Awesome Fic Recs" list, just browse my favorites and favorite authors for something more to your tastes. Or find your own shit. I don't control you.)

Rewind by Karkadinn, Ben 10. Chaptered, Complete. (CW: Frequent murder and attempted murder. Charmcaster attempts to seduce Max once early on. Another chapter deals with sexual abuse in an alternate timeline.)
Charmcaster comes up with a plan to beat the Tennysons once and for all. But as her spiderweb is woven ever larger with each new detail accounted for, she will be caught in it herself before it's all said and done.

Forever Young by chunkiechunder, Death Note. Oneshot.
The day Light Yagami woke up in his own bed, aged seventeen, with all his memories of Death Note, L, Near and his own death intact, was both a blessing and a curse... Putting a twist on the cliché. Spoilers.

Forgotten Nostalgia by Perry-Dice, Death Note. Chaptered, Complete.
I want to know why he leaves the flowers on the grave of someone named Soichiro Yagami. I want to know why he lingers outside the old Sakura TV station. I want to know what the ominous tombstone marked only with the letter L means." Kira Victory AU

Being Gilderoy Lockhart by JBean210, Harry Potter. Chaptered, Complete.
The author goes to sleep one night and wakes up the next morning to find he's become Gilderoy Lockhart! He doesn't know any magic, he's got no idea who's making breakfast downstairs, and Dumbledore is due at his door any moment now! Complete.

Cauterize by Lady Altair, Harry Potter. Oneshot.
"Of course it's missing something vital. That's the point." Dennis Creevey takes up his brother's camera after the war.

Magical Me by Publicola, Harry Potter. Chaptered, Incomplete.
Most self-inserts are exercises in vanity, and nothing says 'vanity' quite like Gilderoy Lockhart. But with a new personality and knowledge of the future, who knows? Maybe Lockhart will turn out to be a useful DADA teacher after all. (Formerly titled 'Gilding the Son of Lily').

What Bravery Is by Lady Altair, Harry Potter. Chaptered, Complete.
We cannot all be brave in the same ways: A year under the Carrows for Lavender Brown of Gryffindor, Padma Patil of Ravenclaw, Susan Bones of Hufflepuff, and Daphne Greengrass of Slytherin. Eventual FourShot. [Chapter 4, Daphne Greengrass: Fair Lady]

Genius and Insanity by bballgirl32, Hunger Games. Chaptered, Complete. Katniss/Marvel. (Has an incomplete, likely dead, sequel.)
"The Capitol wants an underdog. They like someone they can root for. How do you feel about turning your little infatuation into a story of doomed love?" I smile at my mentor. Sponsors will be dying to spend money on me. "...I'll do it."

Sibling Rivalry by bballgirl32, Hunger Games. Chaptered, Complete.
The rich, spoiled, daughter of a victor, raised to believe that the Hunger Games are fair punishment, can't make herself care when her brother decides to volunteer. She's a little more worried when she gets tossed into the Games with him.

Kikoeru? by XxZuiliu, Naruto. Chaptered Oneshots.
Between the slowly churning wheels of reincarnation, precious few slip through with their memories intact. On the surface, they're just the same as you and me -and so no one ever hears, ever realizes, ever knows. SI OC Collection

Oasis by Nugar, Naruto. Oneshot.
They couldn't break her spirit, so they killed her mind. Dark themed but mostly hopeful/happy. Oneshot, complete.

Scorpion's Disciple by nobody102, Naruto. Chaptered, Complete.
AU. Orochimaru's resignation from Akatsuki is more intense than in canon, resulting in a meeting between young Naruto and Sasori… Slow buildup. Last chapter is a summary, technically not complete.

Marie D Suesse And The Mystery New Pirate Age! by Phalanx, One Piece. Chaptered, Complete.
A girl from the real world falls into the One Piece world and finds herself on the Thousand Sunny. But why is the ship deserted? What happened to the crew? And how do Trafalgar Law, the Heart Pirates, and the so-called Pirate Queen factor in all of this? A contemplative, comprehensive take on OCs, Mary Sues and their parodies, all deconstructed with a macabre twist. Not a bashfic!

Even the Stars by gethsemane342, Pokemon. Oneshot.
'After a few seconds, Calem says tentatively, "Would it be so bad? Living forever?"' When the blast under Geosenge Town occurred, not everyone left the room quickly enough to escape it.

moves in mysterious ways by Lisse, Twilight. Oneshot.
Sometimes the prey evolves, or at least learns how to issue restraining orders. Metafic.

OTPs and NOTPs
For some series, like Harry Potter, I'll read just about any ship if it's written well enough and don't actually have OTPs so much as preferred pairings. I won't list all those. I also don't have extensive lists where everyone is paired off anymore, thank god.
(...I actually don't have many OTPs. Guess I'm more of a casual ship person than I thought.)

- Naruto and Hinata.
- Sakura and Ino. Will ship Sakura with literally anyone except Sasuke.
- NOTP: Sasuke and Sakura. Sasuke and Naruto. (I'm not a big Sasuke fan lol)

Tokyo Ghoul:
- Kaneki and Tsukiyama.

Fire Emblem 13:
- M!Robin and Chrom. (Their support is just so much better than F!Robin it's insane. And they have the same level of story support.)
- Panne and Virion.
- NOTP: F!Morgan and anyone. (In a vacuum, she's the best character. It's not, and her interactions are horrifying. At least M!Morgan has some nice supports. Hers are all shades of terrible.)

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