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Author is writing 5 stories for Danny Phantom/Teen Titans, Kim Possible 'So not the Drama', My Little Pony: FIM/Equestria Girls, Star wars:The Clone Wars, and Totally Spies .

Name: Anthony.

Age: Scary thing that. The older you get the less you want to mention it. I know, I’ll put down how old I want to live to be. The age I wish to reach is 100. Nice good number that and suitably far away from my current age. Hmm maybe medicine will improve so that it becomes possible.

Gender: Male.

History: I became interested in fan fiction a few years ago after stumbling across fanfiction.net. The first one I read and favorited was: Akane the Suicidal by WFROSE, do not be alarmed by the title it is actually light than it seems.

After that I became hooked and started reading fan fiction of many different varieties and genres. I still prefer crossovers, as they bring together characters who would never otherwise meet, and allow them to fall in love. Unusual pairings are almost always better than cannon pairings, as we already have cannon to tell that pairing’s story.

When I have written more I will expand this page. I am only updating this page because some people have already been looking at this profile and it would be a pity to have nothing here to greet them.

I have finally decided on what my first fanfic is going to be 'Totally Spies'. I chose this cartoon because it is easy to refer to episodes on YouTube and Wikipedia in order to keep things canon with the show. The story will have an OC involved with all three spies. Still trying to find a good starting point in the series timeline to introduce my OC and slot him neatly into canon through a background event.

The Alpha Title is 'The Lost Mission Agent' or 'The Lost Mission/Agent.' Tell me which one is better.

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