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I didn't realise it for a while, but I seem to be a rare breed being a male Supernatural fan. I married my OTP; Dean/Cas are my other OTP!

Despite being British, for "style reasons" I prefer to write in US English – or as close as I can get. I actually like all the missing Us, and the Zs instead of Ss. So if you spot any errors please PM me so I can fix them. Having said that, although I don't care if you use it, I'll die before I use "could care less". (That one doesn't count!)

I'm a regular participant in the SPN100 Challenge (formerly the E/O Challenge), where an exactly 100-word long story has to be written based on a particular word or theme. It's a lot of fun! I also cross-post my DEW (Drabble Every Weekend) entries from SPN_BigPretzel - which is a lovely, friendly LiveJournal community that focusses on light-hearted Supernatural-related stories and art - I'd highly recommend it as the perfect tonic to these dark times.

Since it dawned on me that all the UK released Supernatural DVDs are classified as "15", I decided to play along and rate all my new Supernatural fics as a minimum "T". This is probably much higher than needed for most, but it saves me agonising over trying to correctly rate stuff for an audience that isn't supposed to have seen the source material in the first place.

This and SPN_BigPretzel are the sites I'm most active on, but if you're interested you'll also find me on:

Archive of Our Own (AO3)



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