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1Of Discarded Dolls & Meandering Monsters » Bored out of his mind, Scaramouche accepts a strange request from Il Dottore to investigate the Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius, Albedo. What follows is a misadventure involving Sumeru's World Fair, a derailed train, a rogue Abyss cult and a myriad of vengeful, forgotten souls.
Genshin Impact, T, English, Mystery & Horror, chapters: 5, words: 27k+, favs: 12, follows: 13, updated: 5/14/2022 published: 2/4/2022, Klee, Sucrose, Albedo, Scaramouche
1 Before Sun and Moon » Albedo rifles through Aether's belongings and reads something he shouldn't have. A truth better left undiscovered, equal parts revelation and a death sentence. But, even death may be defied should there be a strong enough will.
Genshin Impact, T, English, Suspense & Angst, chapters: 21, words: 12k+, favs: 6, follows: 3, 2/14/2022, [Albedo, Aether] Kaeya A., Klee
11Coagulated Chalk » The corruption finally comes for Albedo. But instead of bringing about the homunculus' end, Albedo's friends and family join him on a desperate mission that involves the slumbering dragon Durin, Fatui Harbingers, and a revelation his heart may not be ready to accept. [A fic about the lengths Albedo will go to protect Mondstadt and the lengths everyone else will go to protect him.]
Genshin Impact, T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Family, chapters: 12, words: 74k+, favs: 34, follows: 23, updated: 2/4/2022 published: 11/20/2021, Aether, Klee, Sucrose, Albedo
17 Last Of A Dying Breed » After defeating Validar and destroying Grima, Chrom waits for Robin to wake up. When he does, he realises that nothing's gone quite as planned, both for the better and for the worse. Robin has his memories back. All of them. And he is Grima as much as he is Robin. (A story of expected betrayal and cruelty, and how none of them come to pass.)
Fire Emblem, T, English, Friendship & Horror, chapters: 10, words: 61k+, favs: 43, follows: 31, updated: 9/4/2021 published: 7/1/2021, [Avatar/Robin, Chrom, Grima, Tharja]
17Stranded » Black Star and Kid find themselves mysteriously stranded on an island called Atlantis. While Black Star wakes up in a golden village and is hailed as a Hero and of 'love, unyielding', Kid awakes underwater in a lifeless stygian temple and demanded of 'murder, the inevitable'. The two must reconcile or everyone will find themselves dragged deep into the depths of a dying island.
Soul Eater, T, English, Mystery & Supernatural, chapters: 15, words: 39k+, favs: 18, follows: 21, updated: 1/31/2021 published: 1/8/2019, [Death The Kid, Black Star]
84A Spider's Skull » After ensuring Death and Asura have destroyed each other, Arachne adopts a wounded stray from the battlefield as her child. When her son turns out to be a Grim Reaper, however, both the remnants of the Academy and Asura's Clowns are eager to claim him, and the mother of demon weapons is trapped between saving her child or destroying an old formidable enemy.
Soul Eater, T, English, Suspense & Supernatural, chapters: 34, words: 80k+, favs: 80, follows: 98, updated: 10/17/2020 published: 8/26/2018, Arachne G., Death The Kid
19 JoJo: Strands of Fate » Stone Ocean AU: As her world is ending, Jolyne uses the Requiem Arrow and changes history for the best -or at least as good as she can do. (A collection of oneshots set in a somewhat-optimistic JoJo AU)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, K+, English, chapters: 4, words: 11k+, favs: 125, follows: 83, updated: 7/21/2020 published: 9/22/2019, Dio B., Jonathon J., Giorno G., Jolyne C.
2 Obfuscating The Obvious Mistress Death, tired of Thanos' shenanigans, recruits two lost souls from the mad Titan's massacre to restore a lost balance to the Universe.
Avengers, K+, English, Horror & Supernatural, words: 2k+, favs: 6, follows: 5, 7/20/2020, Loki, Thanos, Gamora
3 The Betting Pool Shades emerge from the Pool of Styx again. Thanatos gets roped into an illicit gambling ring. Hypnos finally gets Asterius' autograph. Achilles is going broke. The Fury sisters have an awkward reunion. Hades has a normal one. The House gossips. Zagreus finally escapes the Underworld.
Hades, K+, English, Humor & Drama, words: 5k+, favs: 40, follows: 12, 7/20/2020
1 DIO Giorno meets God.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, K+, English, Suspense & Supernatural, words: 2k+, favs: 17, follows: 8, 7/20/2020, Dio B., Giorno G.
Blood Money The story of how Giorno's dislike of drugs evolved, and how the appearance of Gold Experience saved his life and strengthened his resolve. A misadventure of late fees, a minor Camorra clan, a school trip gone wrong and a drug deal gone even worse.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, T, English, Crime & Suspense, words: 7k+, favs: 3, follows: 3, 7/20/2020, Giorno G., Risotto
43The Evil Overlord List: An Applied Perspective » The Evil Overlord List liberally applied to the HMS Universe in a loosely-connected drabble format. Some will be funny, some will (hopefully) give you feels.
Devil is a Part-Timer/はたらく魔王さま, K+, English, chapters: 17, words: 9k+, favs: 34, follows: 36, updated: 10/7/2019 published: 1/31/2018, Maou/Maou S., Hero Emilia/Yusa E., Ashiya S., Lucifer/Urushihara H.
1 A Meeting of Minds One would think that the meeting of two eldritch deities, primordial beings originating from the birth of time itself, would be filled with poise, understanding, and the occasional threat. Instead, as Eibon was currently finding out, it mostly involved poking and circling each other like wild beasts.
Soul Eater, K, English, Horror, words: 1k+, favs: 9, follows: 4, 9/8/2019, Eibon, Lord Death/Shinigami-sama
2 Till the Stars Die Out Under a moonlit sky, two figures descend into an ancient catacomb where mysterious and long-forgotten rituals took place. A short story about Eibon, his wife Susie, and their different outlooks on life.
Soul Eater, K, English, Hurt/Comfort, words: 6k+, favs: 3, follows: 2, 5/3/2019, Eibon, OC
193After Death » AU in which the Kishin sealed Lord Death 800 years ago. When the supposed final battle between the two Gods ended with the Kishin as the victor, two survivors find a sickly child and name him Kid. Fifteen years later, he and his childhood friend Maka accidentally get involved with a mysterious organisation, an ancient book and a forgotten past.
Soul Eater, T, English, Supernatural & Horror, chapters: 42, words: 215k+, favs: 176, follows: 204, updated: 4/19/2019 published: 8/30/2015, Death The Kid, Elizabeth T./Liz, Maka A., Patricia T./Patti
8 The Fool » Kid keeps seeing Excalibur everywhere he goes and it's starting to drive him (more) mad. Excalibur can't believe he's stuck babysitting the Great Old One of Order.
Soul Eater, T, English, Family & Supernatural, chapters: 2, words: 10k+, favs: 26, follows: 11, 2/11/2019, Death The Kid, Excalibur
15 Book of Eibon: Safe Edition » [POST MANGA] Seeking answers, Maka writes down the legible parts of the Academy's copy of the Book of Eibon. However, she comes across peculiar directories, vague musings, confounding retellings, illegible paragraphs, horrifying prototypes and two simple lists of names. Written for Resbang 2018. Cover art by @hey-dairy-queen on tumblr.
Soul Eater, K+, English, Mystery & Horror, chapters: 17, words: 15k+, favs: 11, follows: 4, 12/8/2018, Eibon, Maka A.
165 An Unorthodox Alliance » Lucifer summoned and bound the Grim Reaper to his will. Unfortunately for him, this resulted in Death's son ending up with the Winchesters, in an alliance that is shaky at best and homicidal at worst.
Supernatural & Soul Eater, K+, English, Supernatural & Adventure, chapters: 8, words: 130k+, favs: 362, follows: 417, updated: 11/14/2018 published: 9/22/2015, Sam W., Dean W., Castiel, Death The Kid
6 I Love You Thanos loved Gamora. He viewed that as an objective fact. The Universe disagreed. (Aka a rewrite of one of the many bad scenes of Infinity War.)
Avengers, T, English, Horror, words: 1k+, favs: 15, follows: 3, 9/6/2018, Thanos
13 Parenthood » Raising a Grim Reaper is not an easy task. Eight loosely-connected chapters about Lord Death and Kid. The 'themes' for each chapter are: Pain (Birth), Guilt (Complications), Relief (Games), Helplessness (Attacked), Astonishment (Companionship), Joy (Attacking), Dread (Recuperation), Pride (Death)
Soul Eater, K+, English, Family & Supernatural, chapters: 8, words: 17k+, favs: 49, follows: 32, updated: 8/26/2018 published: 7/8/2018, Death The Kid, Lord Death/Shinigami-sama
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