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I'm just a simple writer with Asperger's Syndrome, creating new tales for worlds already in existing. If you read any books set in games or movies, then you are reading fanfiction. I may not be a famous, published author, but I do hope to inspire others and create amazing and loved worlds and stories

Facts about Myself

Former Known as: Warhawk07, Spiritwaker95

Age: 26 (Jan 19)

Culture: True Mandalorian (Discovered back when I was 13 and realized the tenets and beliefs matched my own perfectly)

Favourite Games: Rune Factory, God Eater, Valkyria Chronicles, Bloodborne, Devil May Cry, Stardew Valley, FFXIV

Favourite Anime Series: Toradora!, DanMachi/Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Steins;Gate, Konosuba

Projects in the Works

Late: After the event of Tenrou Island, one member of Fairy Tail left behind tries to carry on without his mentor or friends. (Fairy Tail, one-shot)

Silence: When a series of murders begin to surface in Vale, copying the style of the city's most notorious killer, Detective Jaune Arc is tasked with capturing the culprit. But to do so, he must first gain insight from the original killer: Neopolitian (RWBY, Silent Knight, a la "Silence of the Lambs"/"Red Dragon")

My Treasure: Jaune Arc, valiant Knight (in Training), had expected to face a fearsome dragon when he ventured into the lair. What he found instead was an overly affectionate girl who kept calling him her "Treasure" and who apparently didn't know the first thing about modesty. (RWBY, Dragonslayer, Dragon! Yang AU)

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