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Hi my name is serry age not telling

book favourite's ;

harry potter [the first six harry potter book's] , percy jackson , sleepy hollow, the raven , artemis fowel , lord of the ring's ,to many more to write

favourite movie's ;

friday the 13th, nightmare on elm street, the first 4 harry potter movie's , death note one and two, all the blade movie's , all of the lord of the ring movie's , naruto , to many to write

my least favourite character's

sakura, from naruto, momaru, rini, mars [I LIKE MARS BETTER THEN RINI AND CAPE BOY] from sailormoon, relena, from gundam wing, ginny from harry potter, bella , from twilight , kagome from inuyasha

my favourite character's are ; usagi , daimond , helios , chibichibi , hotaru, the outer scouts , the starlight's , from sailormoon ,

harry potter , sirius , remus , salazar , godric , from harry potter ,

naruto, kakashi ,itachi , gaara, minato, hinta , from naruto,

nero , dante and vergil from devil may cry ,

sango , inuyasha sesshomaru , shippo , rin , kouga , kira from inuyasha

fav pairing's ;

usagi / anyone male but momaru, usagi / mina from sm,

naruto/ any one male [ he makes a great uke] sakura/lee , ino / naruto from naruto

nero / dante , nero / vergil ,

fav crossover pairing's ;

sailormoon / devil may cry ; usagi / dante , usagi/vergil , usagi/nero

naruto/devil may cry ; naruto /nero , dante , vergil

harry potter/ devil may cry; harry / dante , nero ,vergil

pairing's i hate ;

sailormoon ; usagi / momaru [ I HATE HIM ALL MOST AS MUCH AS SAKURA AND RINI aka chbiusa AND RELENA i also do not like kogame to well ]

naruto ; sakura / and anyone but she can have lee

kagome / anyone but she can have the monk.

Fav Fiction sites are .

1. Ao3 2.wattpad 3. Paper fox fan fiction 4. Mediaminer 5. hpfandom 6.all tracked stories 7.Tth. twisting the hellmouth

My Fav Story's are.

1. Collecting a family pairing i think is Kakashi x harry by Kalieapap on Ao3

2. Visions of an Empath by Amy on AFF

3. Asim, God of protection by salllzy and Angelchexmex on Ao3

4. Love, escape and future by Slayer _of_Destiny on Ao3

5. The Dracken Memoirs by Starlight_Massacre on Ao3 and fanfiction

6. Dark tales by Hikari100 on Ao3

7.The Delivery Boy by Diaphanouns on Diaphanouswings journal

8. Left Behind by Amy Adultfanficton

9. Blackjack by excentrykemuse

10. Poisonous Kiss by enchanted nightingale Ao3 and Fanfiction

11. Reborn by CelticWonder on Ao3

12. Like a boss by Eri_quin on Ao3 and Felicity Dream on fanfiction

13. Dobby to the rescue by gypsysue on Ao3 and

14. Past Love Renewed by Vampirezdarkgurl on Adultfanfiction aka Aff and Ao3

15. Moving Forwards and beyond by Vampirezdarkgurl

16. The Return of the Ancients by kat tenshi oni on AFF

17.The General said I Would Have days Like this By Lady Foxfire on AFF

18. Rolling in the deep By SlytherinMafia on Ao3

19. In sickness and in health by misteeirene on fanfiction and Ao3

20. If this is How you Treat Your Heroes By Speedy Tomato on AFF

21. Defy not the heart by Aewnaur {it has harry as a Pixie } on o3

22. Not Alone Anymore by GreenEye _minx On Ao3

23. Fortuna Exulis by BoywhoRunswithWolves on Ao3

24. A Demon's Past and Future by Emerald Falcon on Ao3

25. Burns by PaperFox19 on fanfiction and ao3.

26. my husband and my bestfriend by JCL- Tennant-Piper-1985 on fanfiction and Aff

27. A Second Chance By KoreanMusicFan On Ao3

28. Cocktail Mix By Atropa on AFF

29. Yaoi Fan-girls by Trollmia on AFF

30. Cat Nip by Momokai on Ao3 and fanfiction

31. Duet by NestingHedwig_aka_ LinW on AFF

32. Unforeseen Circumstances by Amy on Aff

33. Warm me up by Megakat on Ao3

34. Blood Ties By Marksmom on Ao3

35. Live Once, Live Twice, Love Forever By Narumina12 on Ao3 and Fanfiction

36. Schooled By WyrdSmith ON AO3 And Fanfiction

37. The illusions we create by Baby-kitsune9 { also know as M.G Fox }

38. Fire and ice by Eirenei on Ao3 and fanfiction

39. Mediocrity by Redkenja from Ao3

40. 10 Chapters of Chapter Ones by Momma Lici { Zim x harry}on fanfiction

41. Percy Orion Potter by Salllzy on Ao3

42. This Dream's On Me by Tsume_Yuki on Ao3

43. Ghost Mates by Invisible_nerd_girl on Ao3

44. Escape Artist by Fiorea on fanfiction or Ao3

45 . Radix Acclaro by Random Dispatcher on Fanficton

46 . Wolf style by baby-kitsune9 on fanficton

47. Into the Void by Misty G Fox on Fanfiction

48. The Dragon's chosen by Flamepixie20 on Ao3

49. Crest by Tsume_yuki on Ao3

50. Duelling with a glass sword by Tsume_yuki on ao3

51. Hari Coyote by Angelchexmex on Ao3 and Fanfiction

52. Devil Twins by Angelchexmex on Ao3

53. Mystery of Tsunayoshi : Renato Sinclair's Arc by Ms Tea Cup on fanfiction and Ao3

54. Poisoned Milk by Sainmoth14 on Ao3

55. Tales of the Clown's Mage by Angelwolf11021 on Ao3

56. Rocky Dreams by HennaCorray on Ao3

57. The house of murder by ironmanvscap on Ao3

58. Survivor by Mayonaka no Sasayaki on Ao3

59. My Gem by Kindred on Ao3

60. Up the hill backwards by MyraValhallah on Ao3

61. Somewhere between by Ace maxwell on Adult-fanfiction

62. A new Happy Creepypasta Life by KayKaye10 on Ao3

63. Garden of Ash by spottedtail on Quotev

64. Garden of ash by Sksaladana on wattpad

65. Graveyard of ash by spottedtail on Quotev

66. Take This Chance: Let us dream by BlueRam on Ao3

67. Loki's Boreddom by Lokiismylife27 Ao3

68. Hated You From Hello by Araceil on Ao3

69. Lion's Pride by Araceil on Fanfiction

70. How Our Choices Define Us by Sunishine on Ao3

71. Love Changes Everything by Sunishine on Ao3

72. Managing by Lady_Knight_97 on Ao3

73. Feathers of Black and White by Anodyne on Ao3

74. Veela Heart By Slayer_of_Destiny on Ao3

75. Wesker's daughter by RiniYukima on Ao3

76. blind love by Misteeirene on Ao3

78. a different beginning by xhalfprincex Ao3

79. Harry's Devil on by siestra on ao3

80. onmyoji & sailor moon by isys luna skeeter ( isysskeeter ) Ao3

Some Story's I like are by Padfootette from archive of our own and Hikari100 , Salllzy , MegaKat , Sinnatious , EmeraldFalcon , Merula_Aeolus , Ajones363 and Redkenja , Kalieapap , Tobiroth, Yukikoneko1990 , Ociany , Vampirezdarkgurl , Molmcmahon ,Phoenix Takaramono . Tseng . Tsume_ yuki , Lyhtma . Are From AO3 and some are from fanfiction . and Purr , Tanuki-chan A.K.A Tanki-chan , ame3565 from fanfiction { EmeraldFalcon is from Ao3 and fanfiction} . Wynnebat .Tempestas_d_uzu are from Ao3 and fanfiction . MissYuki1990 {from fanfiction}.SpiritofRoses{AO3}. SWEETIE PIECAKE [ Wattpad ] . Takara Phoenix from Ao3 and fanfiction.net


Sites I Like

Quotev , Ao3 , Wattpad , Mediaminer .WWOMB The Wonderful World of Make believe . HP Fandom . Skyehawke archives .Twisting the hellmouth .

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