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I'm a mother. I'm a daughter. I'm a sister. I'm a lesbian. I'm a fan girl. I'm an avid reader. I'm laid back. I'm a student. I'm a teacher. I'm me.

FABERRY: Because come on who can't see the sexual tension between these too?
QUINNTANA: What can I say bitchy girls are HOT and with these two it's criminal.
PEZBERRY: I think they balance each others crazy nicely.
FAPEZBERRY: Would be to HOT for words.
SAMCEDES: They're adorable together.
TIKE: They just fit together perfectly.
SAM/BLAINE: Because I'm not a Kurt fan and I think Blaine is too sweet for him.
I could live with:
FABEVENS: They're cute and sweet together.
PUCKLEBERRY: I think they would be badass together two hot jews whats not to like.
QUICK: They make pretty babies.
SANTANA/SAM: Because we need need more awe inspiring songs like "Trouty Mouth".
MERCEDES/PUCK: She'll always be there to knock sense into him
I say hell to the no too:
FINCHEL: Because Finn is a douche and OC Rachel would NEVER give up her dreams for a Lima Loser. I'm just sick with 3rd season Finchel.
KLAINE: Kurt is too selfish too self absorbed Blaine isn't perfect but he deserves better then a little jerk like Kurt.
BRITTANA: Oddly enough I'm not a Britney fan she's just blah for me.
FUINN: I'm just think Quinn would have to much self respect to be played like a fool (2nd season) by Finn.
QUARTIE: Please god no just no.
TEEN JESUS/QUINN: I think I cried a little.
FUFFY: Can you say HOT and soulmates.
XANDER/ANYA: They're simply soulmates.
WILLOW/TARA: Soulmates before Willow turned into an ass
ANGEL/BUFFY: If I wasn't so afraid he'll like i don't know lose his soul.
WES/FRED: I still cry when i watch the reruns and feel robbed
I could live with:
SPIKE/BUFFY: Before he went crazy
CORDY/FAITH: Two bitchy girls together are hot
CORDY/BUFFY: Angry sex in nice these two would be having alot of it.
ANGEL/CORDY: I feel robbed at the finale.
HERMIONE/FLEUR: I think Hermione ended up with the wrong person Fleur would habe been a better choice.
HERMIONE/BELLA: I just love Bella's crazy
BELLA/EVERYONE ELSE BUT EDWARD and JACOB: If Bella had more of a back bone then she see Edward for freaky stalker he is and an overbaring ass Jacob is. Other then that I think Canon and any combos work in these fics. I would have loved to seen more Leah poor girl deserves a break.
ASHLEY/SPENCER: SOULMATES enough said. The shows canons were perfect imo


Fuck all the other ships I'm going down with Swan Queen (I regret nothing)

Just a few of my favs but not all of them

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