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I always been a fan of three types of Naruto fanfics the Dark Naruto, Naruto with a twin, and time travel

My challenge is for someone to combine all three

A future Naruto travels to the past to get revenge against his family that betrayed him,


Naruto must have the soul of the Kyuubi

Naruto must of been betrayed by his twin and family-(exp murder his newborn son because the people of the leaf didn’t want the demon to reproduce)etc.

Naruto persona must be Dark/evil/hateful against both his family and the village


Naruto ability lie in his knowledge- since most twin fanfic show Naruto having the soul but gaining no ability (you got the soul of a 1000 something year old demon inside you use its memory’s) his weapon can be anything from jutsu, guns, alchemy, to demonic summons, pretty much every crossover you can think of.

if you accept this challenge pm me so i can read it

BluBlaz Challege

Naruto must have twin

Naruto must be ignored/neglected by family and village

Meets our fav troller-offer's naruto the azura grimore(spelled wrong)-cuts off naruto hand for the fun of it

naruto leaves villege to get back at our fav troller

villege needs naruto

Naruto dosnt give a shit now fill in the rest

naruto must have Ragna the bloodegde attuide

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