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*Please note that all of my stories are updated sporadically. Your patience is appreciated.*


1. Have you abandoned [insert story name here]?

No, I haven't If I have not marked the story as complete, then it is not abandoned and not finished.

2. Can I use the library scene where Hermione catches Thorfinn Rowle mid-coitus, in my upcoming story?

The library scene featuring Thorfinn Rowle as seen in my work, is the intellectual property of the original Thormione author, Canimal. She invented it as a background for Thorfinn and Hermione, and while I use it with her permission, she no longer gives her blessing or her permission for others to do so, for personal reasons.

3. Can I translate your fic into another language?

No, you may not.

Original Fiction

I have published a work of original fiction. It is called "Paranormal Division: Awakening" by Ellie J Duck. Available on Kindle/Amazon.

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