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Hi everyone in my time on here i have read some interesting stoires so far and i like most of them and i hope that you find my stoires to be good and funny etc.

Anyway on to about me:

I am a Femme (Female) and I live in the UK .

I am single

I love Transformers tho I haven't been a fan for long as some people but I now soo much about them .

I also love Animals.

My favourate Characters are:

Optimus Prime









Plus many more for transformers

my fav characters in tmnt is



and mostly others

in penguins of Madagascar




and most of the animals

and in kung fu panda




the croc bandits cos they are so funny

plus again most characters

I also like pairings such as



that's about it I don't like it when hes paired with megatron or any con or himself for that matter. its just weird and creepy. I can tolerate some oc pairings not many though.

A little more about me:

I love music my fav bands are Linkin Park, Bryan Adams, The Wanted, Def leopard, Genesis, Queen and more. But i perfer rock music and again many more bands

My fav book to read is fantasy, sci-fi and adventure plus others

I have been into TRANSFORMERS for about 9 years but i have watched nearly every series made including the Japanse side of stuff.

I am not just into Transformers but other things as well such as TMNT and my fav character is Leonardo and Penguins of Madagascar and im sorry to say but Skipper is my fav. I aslo like biker mice from mars and recently gotten into kung fu panda AND lets not forget Thunderbirds who again my fav is Scott.

I don't know why but it seems that i have a trait to go for either Blue, Red or a great leader man but they are good characters AND good shows if we had more leaders like then in the world it would be a better place.

i have aQuestion why do they make Optimus so damn sexy its weird do the animaters know or what.

just want to say that my stories are on hold right now as i have a lot going on and wont be doing any updating for a while because of these reasons but i do have insperation again do write something.

I also have to say this im not sure if I can continue my TFP story darkness rising with a different ending now that ive seen the movie and the 3rd season I don't know if I can do it.

Thats all for now I guess later.

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