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Padfoot's Fuzzy Angel
Joined Oct '02

Name: Padfoot's Fuzzy Angel
Short; spikey; black and has a purplelish-blue colour. Pretty groovy, eh? I think so.
Eyes: Brown.
Nicknames: Ferrari (My friends just decided to nickname me after a car. Don't ask. It's rather a long story.)
Ambition: It's either being a Psychologist or studying Film and TV.
What do I like? Whatever. As long as I like it.
Favorite colour: Black, Purple, Pink, Red.
TV shows: Again. I'll watch if I like. I'm a major fan of Supernatural. It rocks.

Okay, let's make this short. I hate long bios because you have to alter it all over, over, and over again. I have no time for that. Plus, my life changes all the time, I'll put down the most vital information.

I live in Australia, and, no - I'm not telling you where, that stuff is confidential. Business sucks but that's life (so they say), I love to write, I love to read, I love to swim, I love movies, I love rock (And I'm talkin' about music rock, not ground rock), I love heavy metal rock, and I love leather jackets, I love men in leather jackets, I love electric guitars, I wish I had a moterbike (but since I have scoliosis, I don't wish to do anything extreme), I love cars, I love pets (Have two cats of my own); I like watching Supernatural, CSI Miami, CSI New York; I also like watching Without A Trace, Criminal Intent, Law and Order SVU, Charmed, Rove Live, HOUSE MD, and, of course, I do watch the OC sometimes.

I hate reality TV shows. I find them a waste of space. Especially if Paris Hilton is in one. My, God - she's a major ditz, and pratically stupid. I won't rant any further.


NONE - I'm still contemplating whether I should write something or not...

Other work:

I write poetry and you'll find my works at: - please read them if you like =) and a comment is greatly appreciated. I'll even do you the favour.

Other work 2:

I lied...currently I'm writing a Supernatural fic with my sister, Nad. Search for us as Supernaturals

Feel free to add me on msn, or write me an email at Just2insane@hotmail dot com
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