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I'm not a writer simply a reader of FanFiction. FanFiction and all the amazing stories and writers have kept me sane for several years. It's so wonderful to escape into a good read for a few hours to forget the world and the physical pain I live in everyday.

I've never really given a shout out for stories and authors so I thought I would let folks know what I'm finding wonderful to read if you happen to be a reader of profiles.

"Little Match Girl" By: KissStarryDreams

One of the stories I'm reading is a fascinating story of a little girl (Hermione) who's been captured and abused since she was three years old by Antonin Dolohov. She escapes and after three years finds herself When on the Malfoy's door step. They literally save her life in more ways than you can imagine. The first nine chapters of this story aren't for the faint of heart. The author provides warnings and things are beginning to be better by chapter nine. "Kiss" is working on the next two chapters and I'm excited to read more. She really deserves our support as she has a real talent for writing. Update: 8/17/20 I think this story has been abandoned. it's sad but I hope it's reposted somexay!!!so

"Undisclosed Desires" By: Sweetie100

This story is the authors first attempt with writing on Fan Fiction. It's a sweet love story between Draco and Hermione. While her grammar and spelling are a little rough the story is sweet and interesting. Her writing and spelling improves dramatically in chapter 18. She wants to be a professional writer so I hope you'll give her a try and your encouragement.

"Falling For Ares" By: Luna Magic17

I'm a bit of a sucker for Mob stories. This one started in 2014 and updating has been incredibly slow!!! We're on chapter 18 and there have been a couple of recent updates. This story is really amazing an awesome!!! It's a Bella and Jasper story. He's underboss in the Chicago Cullen Crime Family and she owns a Bakery and is a Talented Artist. She meets him when bails his sister and her out of jail for fighting!!! (LOL) It's intense, happy, sad, scary, giving and loving. You can't go wrong on this one!!!.

I'll continue to add stories to my profile as I read them and have time to add more stories to my "Shout Out" list.

"Love Conquers All"By: Fawkes01

It's a beautiful love story!!! It's an Harry Potter Fan Fiction and is well done!!! Draco is sentenced to live with the Weasley Family for the summer following the war and then he must attend Hogwarts as an "8th" Year. Hermione, Harry plus the rest of the family including Fred are all there as well addressed visitors Blasie, Theo an Pansy from Slytherin as well as Luna and Neville!!! Draco is determined to run his life around and bring respect to the Malfoy name!!! It's fun, serious sweet and scaty!!! There will be a part Two!!! Have fun and enjoy!!!!!

Thanks for Stopping by and if you have any good read recommendations, please P.M. me.


I've made arrangements with Indieblue to Adopt her story Promise. After chatting for a couple of days, we decided we'd rewrite as a co-authored story. When posting begins, I'll leave a note here.

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