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I'm a major comic book, video game, and horror movie nerd. I also love anime including, but not limited to, Bleach, Naruto, DBZ, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Soul Eater, Black Butler, Durarara, Darker Than Black, One Piece, InuYasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Hellsing, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Code Geass.

My favorite game series are Sly Cooper, Devil May Cry, Dead Rising, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and X-Men Legends. My absolute favorite games are Evil Dead Regeneration, inFamous, Devil May Cry 3 and 4, and more recently the God of War series. Also check out my Youtube channel


All WHO READ MY STORIES PLEASE READ: I will never leave a story just to die. No matter how long it will take to update, my fics will be updated at some point. I just like to switch to stories that I'm interested in at the moment. It may be a entire new story or just plans for another, but I will be writing something. I never liked writing a chapter just for the sake of getting it done, even if the fans really want it because that will lead to a poorly done chapter that I didn't put any effort into. So even if it takes a while, a story I write will be finished a some point and/or rewritten to completion.

Naruto/Bleach Crossover Challenge

I challenge you to write a story with a Bleach character being in the Naruto universe. The rules are as follows:

1. You cannot mention Soul Society or Hueco Mundo

2. You can choose any character from Bleach you want but they must become or already be a Konoha ninja

3. Only these pairings for male Bleach characters are allowed: Tenten, Ino, Hinata, Karin, Anko, Shizune, Kurenai, Tsunade, or Kushina Uzumaki

4. Only these pairings for female Bleach characters are allowed: Naruto, Rock Lee, Gaara, Sai, Kakashi, or Kiba

5. If you choose a Vizard you must either explain the Hollow Mask as a Kekkei Genkai or the result of experimentation

6. If you choose Arrancar you can still give them the Hollow mask remains but not the Hollow holes(Rule 5 applies to the here also)

7. If you choose an Arrancar as the main character you must make them an anti-hero.

8. You can't use anything like alternate dimensions, time travel or reincarnation as a reason for the Bleach characters to be in the Naruto universe.

So are you up to the challenge? PM me if you wish to take the challenge.

Bleach/The Mask crossover challenge

Okay so I noticed that there is only one Bleach/Mask story and it's just a rewrite of the movie with Bleach characters. So I decided to put up this challenge. Basically, what if Ichigo didn't get his powers back after Byakuya took Rukia? What if he found the Mask of Loki instead? Now on to the rules:

1. Ichigo has to act like his Inner Hollow when he wears the Mask, which is more in line with the original Mask from the comics, but still retain at least SOME control over what he does.

2. When Ichigo puts on the mask it should make his head only slightly larger, he has to have white hair like his Hollow, and wear Hichigo's version of his Bankai outfit, he can still shape shift into other outfits but the Bankai must be his default.

3. Ichigo has to be chosen by the Mask to be it's master(The Mask, to me anyway, seems sentient since in the movie when Stanley threw it out the window it circled around and came back) which means that Ichigo can call it back to him even if someone else is wearing it. That way you can have others wear the Mask and still have Ichigo be the main wearer

4. If you want to have Ichigo do cartooney stuff like the Mask from the movie then give him a reason for it, like he has a secret love of cartoons or something(They set that up in the movie to explain the cartoon stuff)

5. Main paring must be IchigoxNel, Harribel, Momo, Rukia, or Orihime. No harems though

Naruto/Hulk crossover challenge

Okay so I noticed that most Naruto/Hulk crossovers are a little lacking. And by lacking I mean there are only seven and their just not my cup of tea so to speak. Now normally I would write this myself, but since I have some a few other stories going I decided to make a challenge of it. Now to the rules:

1. The story must take place exclusively in the Naruto universe. No other Marvel characters besides Hulk are allowed. No exceptions.

2. Hulk has to come to the Naruto-verse and be sealed inside Naruto INSTEAD of Kyuubi.

3. Naruto must be depicted as having green hair, preferably long, and green eyes(no green skin though), around 6 feet(7 feet after time skip), and be more muscled than normal(Not Hulk level though, see rule 4.), and generally short tempered and sarcastic.

4. Naruto can only Hulk out when he's super angry, not just whenever he gets angry or gets worked up(Basically like it is with Kyuubi)

5. Naruto must have Hulk like powers(i.e super strength, healing factor, denser skin, and stronger when angrier) in his human form though at a lower level than his Hulk form

6. You can make Naruto villains like Hulk villains(like Absorbing Man, Abomination, the Leader, etc)

7. Sakura, Sasuke, and Neji bashing are optional but encouraged.

8. No harems and the only girls Naruto is allowed to be with are: Ino, Tenten, Temari, Tayuya, Karin, Hana(Kiba's sister in case you didn't know), or younger Shizune. Hinata is excluded because although I like the pairing, it gets a little old and I'd like to see something different with this story.

Naruto/Deadpool Crossover Challenge

Okay I've seen several fics where Naruto becomes like Deadpool and they all are pretty good, but there aren't that many. So I decided to make this challenge. Now for the rules:

1. Naruto has to be scarred from a mob beating, how bad is up to you, and have that be the start of his insanity.

2. Naruto must be an expert swordsman, weapons expert, and hand to hand fighter, but no jutsu aside from Shadow Clones or guns.

3. Naruto must be absolutely crazy and hear the Fox's voice.

4. The Kyuubi must be female, sarcastic, and make smart aleck comments on Naruto's choices and actions(Similar to the yellow and white boxes from the Deadpool comics). It must also be the source of his healing factor, though it can't heal what has already happened to him such as the scars.

5. The pairing's must be Tayuya, Temari, Tenten, a younger Anko(16 at the least), or Ino.

6. Naruto must wear mainly red and black, with a Deadpool mask that covers all of his head except his hair.

7. Naruto must always be a leaf ninja and can't go rogue

8. It must take place exclusively in the Naruto universe and no Marvel characters can appear, however you can give other Naruto characters their powers (Kiba with Wolverine's powers for example)

Put this on your
page if you love

Put this on your
page if you love

This is a list of my favorite pairings



Beast BoyxRaven

SuperboyxWonder Girl

Robin(Drake)xCassandra Cain

NightwingxDonna Troy

Jason Todd/Rose Wilson


Spider-ManxBlack Cat


Spider-ManxCarol Danvers




BatmanxWonder Woman

SupermanxWonder Woman

Captain AmericaxScarlet Witch

Black PantherxStorm


NarutoxAny Naruto Girl

NarukoxAny Naruto Girl






SuigetsuxTenten(A crack pairing I know but I like it)


GaaraxHinata(can't really explain it)


MinatoxTsume(Why? Because there is only one story with this pairing!)








IchigoxAny Bleach girl




KenpachixUnohana(Comedy gold can happen with these two)




GrimmjowxMila Rose




ToshiroxKarin(Ichigo's sister, duh)


AizenxOrihime(A crack pairing sure, but I like it

Soul Eater:



Black StarxTsubaki




Gohanx18(Kinda a crack pairing but I like it)

One Piece:






EdxLan Fan






Young Justice:

Kid FlashxArtemis


Miss MartianxArtemis

SuperboyxMiss Martian




AzulaxTy Lee


ZukoxTy Lee

Legend of Korra:


KorraxIroh II




MakoxKorra(Only in fan fiction where they're written like a REAL couple)

Naruto/Zanpakuto Match-Ups(Courtesy of YoukoTaichou)

Anko/Zabimaru, Asuma/Tachikaze (1st look), Chōji/Gegetsuburi, Gai/Haguro Tonbo, Haku/Sode no Shirayuki, Hinata/Suzumebachi, Hiruzen/Ryūjin Jakka, Ino/Ruri'iro Kujaku, Itachi/Sōgyo no Kotowari, Jiraiya/Tenken, Kakashi/Gonryōmaru, Kiba/Kazeshini, Kosuke/Nejibana, Kurenai/Sakanade, Lee/Hozukimaru, Naruto/Zangetsu(2nd version), Neji/Wabisuke, Orochimaru/Shinsō, Sakura/Benishidare, Sasuke/Raika, Shikamaru/Suzumushi, Shino/Haineko, Shizune/Hisagomaru, Tenten/Tsunzakigarasu,Tsunade/Tengumaru

Ninja=Mutant List:

-Anko=Asp & Stacy X
-Asuma=Beast(He uses Ulaks instead of his trench-knives, since they are better suited for his powers & don’t risk injuring his fingers while changing.)
-Gai=Arc-light(The glow is green.)
-Hana=Talon(Bone-to-Steel claws)
-Hinata= Dagger
-Hiruzen=Pyro(He wears Pyro’s wrist –lighters from the movie. He also uses his pipe as a medium.)
-Ino=Trance(Her Astral Form is able to perform mimic Mind Body Switch Technique.)
-Iruka=Captain America(later evolves to Ultimate Captain America)
-Izumo=Alex(The slime is the same color as his Syrup)(Slime Applications)(He can alter the viscosity of his slime to the point of being as thin as water to as thick as toothpaste. He can also solidify his slime.)
-Kakashi=Erg(It’s in the same eye as his Sharingan to mix with its predictive skills.)
-Kiba=Wolverine(Bone-to-Steel claws)
-KGorilla-Man, but can change like back like Gorilla Girl.
-Kotetsu=El Guapo(His weapon is his Conch Shell Mace, which is able to change in larger number of forms, such as: Sphere, Drill, Lance, Flail, Shield, Etc.)
-Kurenai=Mirage(No Death Sense/Resistance or Quantum Energy Manipulation)
-Naruto=Gambit/Gambit/Sebastian-Shaw/Maverick(No Agent Zero powers)
-Neji=Peter Wisdom
-Sai=Leon Nunez & Paint
-Shibi=Swarm(Instead of bees, he is made of Kikaichū. He can assume human form.)
-Shikaku=Sage & Clarity
-Shikamaru=Multiple-Man(He also has a Hive Mind/Shared Senses with his clones. He'll use the clones to expand his family's shadow jutsu.)
-Shino=The Thousand(Instead of arachnids, he is made of Kikaichū. He can assume human form.)
-Shizune=Scorpion(She also has the gauntlet.)
-Tenten= Harpoon/Harpoon/Shane Shooter
-Yamato=Black Tom Cassidy(Bio-Organic Thermokinetic Blasts only)
-Yugao=Psylocke(Telekinetic Katana, Tactile Telekinesis & Psionic Knife only.) & Nightwind
-Yurika=White Queen

-Kankurō=Forge(Kankuro's weaponry is like Renkotsu & Ginkotsu from Inuyasha. He develops the items to help control powers.)
--Forge(The arm can change the arm into weapons and the power affects both arms).--Doc Ock(Movie version, the claws can be replaced with other weapons and can retract(if natural)/be removed(if a tool).

Kumo-A=Striker & Surge
-C=Phaser/Radian(He uses a power-suit to help control & direct his powers.)
-Killer B=Squid & Abraxas
-Omoi=Anole(Both arms are enhanced.)
-Yugito=Tigra & Catseye

-Ameyuri Ringo=Stinger
-Chōjūrō=Bishop(Mainly uses the absorbed energy for Hiramekarei.)
-Jinin Akebino=Luke Cage
-Jinpachi Munashi=Captain Flame
-Kushimaru Kuriarare=Stitch
-Mangetsu Hōzuki=Iceman
-Mei=Jack Starsmore/Madame Drache/Veil

-Suzumebachi=Wasp(Minus the size addition, we got the Akimichi clan for that.)

-Kabuto=Scrambler & Static
-Kidōmaru=Dark Spider-Man
-Kotohime=Rapunzel, Lorelei & Lady Lark
-Sakon/Ukon=Harlan/Sven Kleinstock
-Tayuya= Songbird
-Zaku=Shocker(The vibro-shocks are a natural mutation; the gauntlets are to control and direct the power.)

-KPaper Doll
-Sasori=Scorpion(Has multiple version for different situations.)(Agility, Power, Power & Intimidation, Others.)

-Hanare=Emma Steed
-Isaribi=Marrina(No Leviathan Form.)
-Mifune=Silver Samurai
-Natsuhi=Armor & Projector
-Shizuka=Wind Dancer

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