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Name: pikapikaluv

Gender: ...Female

Age: It's a secret (But if you really want to know...squint reeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyy hard, and maybe you can see it!...But I bet you still can't!)

Weight: ...Rude...

Height: I am a midget compared to Japan-san! Whahahaha! *anime tears* even by a few inches!!!! (Buuuuuutttt...of course I'm taller than Toshiro-taicho! ;3)

Likes: Anime, manga, cute stuff, Pikachu, Cosplays, games, food, fanfiction, friends, home, dreams, family

Dislikes: Bullies, homework, mean people (too much to describe), girly-things, having too many responsibilities, having my peace time disrupted, chores, and uhh...doki, I don't know...I forgot! Hahahaha! (_'') Oo! Fan girls who can't hold their fangirl-ness! (Sorry if I offend any of you *bows*)

Hobbies: Reading, playing video games, chatting with friends, surfing the net (mostly on fanfiction and fan art), fooling around, drawing (I suck, literally), watching videos on Youtube, checking my mail for updates, and sometimes acting like my favorite characters

Fav anime/mangas: Katekyo hitman reborn, Hetalia, Yugioh Gx/5ds/Zexal, Negima, Megaman, Pokemon, D. gray man, Shugo Chara, Shaman King, Nurarihyon no mago, Black Cat, Bleach...uhhhh...and anything else that I favorite in my 'Favorites'!

Wishes: I want to Cosplay! Seeing how it looks like, it looks really fun! But, the cosplays are too expensive! (Yes, and I expected that). That my friends will remember each other after we leave for our lives. Being a nice nurse for children. Try to overcome my shyness (it's not working though!). Having my own collection of mangas, animes, and the likes. Going out more! To grow up and stop being a crybaby (...It's embarrassing to cry somewhere public where people can see me), I want to read more people-that-are-transported-to-other-worlds-from-the-real-world fanfics!

I'm just a reader who likes to read fanfiction.

I'm weird, crazy, and energetic like a kuriboh on a sugar rush when it comes to updated fanfictions that i like sooooooo keep it up author-sans!

I'm not an author but I can make OCs.

I'm crazy on: Pikachus, Anime/Mangas, Games, Fanfiction, and ... yaoi... SHHHHH! *looks left and right*


Favorite Quotes:

"You can't spell laughter without slaughter" Rai (Akuma) Dreams turn into Nightmares. (Is it the right way?)

"Thou art I, and I am thou. From the sea thy soul I cometh. I am Orpheus, the Master of Strings" Orpheus when being summoned for the first time in Persona 3 by MC (Minato Arisato)

"MHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Me when there is something really funny or when I laugh evilly or mischievously.

"Is there really different worlds out there? Like an anime/manga version of us that would be very cool. If there is that's really cool, but why can't they visit us or something?" Me discussing with my friends about different worlds in P.E.

"Meko!" Mokona (Tsubasa CLAMP)

"HIE!" Tsunayosi Sawada when scared (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

before ending credits of Persona 3* "WHAAAAA! MINATO-SENPAI!" Me saying to myself before ending credits.

"Damn it!" My friend when she didn't have the right card when drawing a Pokemon card

"Have you ever noticed that the bad guys who gain such power lose to the hero every time? I'm not saying it as a bad thing I was just saying" Me trying to explain what i was going to say about the bad guys.

"You are scary when you laugh like that." My friends says on a rainy day and i was holding a stick with a worm and chasing my (male) friend and laughing my evil laugh..

"When is there gonna be an update to my favorite fanfiction? Awwwwww..." Me when wanting a new update.

"I need to go pee" Teddie in the Yasogami Gekkoukan(I forgot how to spell the school name... SHAME UPON ME!) field trip.

"Farewell Teddie... We shall leave you here, along with our memories of our youth." *Everybody else... including the MC prays* Yosuke (Persona 4). "YOU GUYS ARE CRUEL! AND I THOUGHT YOU WERE A GOOD GUY SENPAI! *sob* POOR TEDDIE-SAN!" My inner-self.

"Let it RIP!" When Beybladers say before they launch their beys.

One rainy day...

"Hey Hey Mizetto (other male friend's nickname) Tanuki...*Grins evilly* Testicles!" Me

"Hey!" Mizetto

"Nana-chan! (not my real nickname, safety reasons)" Female friend (Ne-chan)

"You are insane." Late Person (Crutch Person, as of late...not anymore... He's now dubbed as Wolf-Boy! (4/18/13)

One school day, after lunch...

While we were playing the Random game

"Well, at least I'm getting hit for it-*Ne-chan stomps on my foot*- OUCH! Ne-chan!" Me

"You deserved that." Ne-chan

"Poo Meanie." Me

"Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality." Richter Abend (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World)

"Dwarven Vow #1: Let's all work together for the sake of a peaceful world!" Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia- Dwarven Vows)

"It's showtime!" Phantom R/Raphael (Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure)

I just got this today (2/29/12) from my homeroom teacher... Canada's celebrating in 2012, 200 years after the War of 1812! Plus my teacher added on that it's also the time that Canada became independent.(If this is wrong, please tell me, I don't want to...erm offend anyone)

Good for you Matthew! (If you don't know where Matthew comes from, shame on you! But don't take it seriously, because no one remembers him or that he is mistaken to be his brother. Boohoo...TTATT)

Recent news!:

My friend, Ne-chan, is now addicted to fanfiction, Hooray! (5/22/12) And she is still addicted!...I wonder what kind of fanfiction she's reading now?)

=:3 Nyan cat :3 cant stop the cat now, mya

http:/// overlay ed my page with nyan cat! Gyahahahaha! They're everywhere-holy crap-A HUGE ONE CAME BY! Can't seeeeeeeee! so adorable!

(4/18/13) Deleted old stuff from last year... starting a fresh! Hm... Testing is going on... it sucks... tomorrow's the second part of Math (taking Algebra II) Ugh! I feel like I'm going to fail it! D: And I dun wanna study.

(10/30/13) Today's my birthday! :D Though I wonder if its going to be a good idea to bring my brother's laptop and play Indie horror (AoOni, Ib, Re-Kinder, etc.) games with my friend... I don't think I will survive... ; A ; But I can't back down now!

Fanfiction ideas (which I am not going to use, so anyone can use these ideas...

But here are the rules: 1) Please PM me for permission, 2) Credit me for the idea, 3) Do tell me when you published the 1st chapter! I want to read fanfics as well (if it's good, then it's gonna be in my Fav/Alerts, but for reviews, maybe, I'm not really a reviewer SO DON'T REALLY EXPECT ANY!), 4)...hmm...haven't fully thought of Rule #4 fully, so I'll just say, 'Be specific when you tell me which idea you will use'.

And I have a feeling that some people are going to say that some other person (author, authoress) has already made this type of fiction, if so, do tell me where I can find this fic!

Other than that... please do have some fun!

I'll update when I have some ideas in my brain, or...something. AND DO REMIND YOURSELF, THIS IS MY FIRST TIME DOING THIS, THANK YOU!!!

Tales of Vesperia and a Harry Potter crossover: (Date Added 1/31/13)

What if Harry Potter isn't the son of Lily Potter and James Potter?... What if he's the lost son of the vigilante, Yuri Lowell, and the Child of the Moon, Estellise Sidos Heurassein (aka Estelle)? What if... What if Harry's true parent's find him, and then help him in his so called 'destiny' to fight against the Dark Lord Voldemort? What if some other Harry Potter characters are children to the rest of the Vesperia crew? And...what will happen to the Wizarding, Muggle, and Terca Lumireis? Too many 'what-ifs', I know, but idk how to write the ideas out.

Tales of Vesperia: (Date Added 1/31/13)

Have you ever read Arata the Legend by Yuu Watase? Well, this story is based on the idea where Arata Hinohara is switched with Arata of the Hime Clan. But in this case, someone by the name of Yuri [place last name here] traded places with Yuri Lowell. This could be within anywhere of the game (Xbox or PS3, whichever) or after the game's end. Or even within the movie! (The last idea can be used if you want Yuri to stay within the TOV world. Or you can do that with the other proposed ideas). My basic idea of the Other!Yuri is to be a Gakuen!Yuri, therefore, Gakuen!Yuri would be living in a place where there is no such thing as 'blastia', 'aer', etc in his world. And of course he knows the others as different people (ie. Raven as a teacher, or Zagi as Other!Yuri's personal stalker)... oh, and did I forget that Other!Yuri is a few years younger than Yuri Lowell? (Well, he IS still in High school!) And I think I'll end right there. I'll leave the rest to you!

Tales of Vesperia: (Date Added 1/31/13)

Almost basically the same as the last idea, except for the fact the idea is more based on the Edolas arc of Fairy Tail. Apparently, this stars Gakuen!Flynn, but this Flynn is a more... shy, weak, cowardly, and thinks that feelings and opinions are important at times. Basically, he has a little 'Yuri Lowell' within him. Gakuen!Flynn is just a normal, 17 year old guy... and he's apart of the Student Council. But because of he is shy and weak, people don't pay much attention to him. He's friends with Gakuen!Yuri as usual (This story isn't connected to the other idea, but if you were to take this, and the other, then...well, I guess you can connect both stories). Here's a possibly way he can be transported to Terca Lumireis: It was a bad day of Flynn. First, he accidentally met up with the class bullies on the way to school, got beaten, and was late for school. As the day went by, more and more things became worse. Yuri won't talk to him for some reason, Estelle, and Rita are ignoring him all of a sudden... Why is this happening?! And so, when school was over, he went for a walk, to give him some time to think things over. Yesterday was plenty normal... so why is it different today? Then, it began to rain, and noticing that he's far from any building, he went to the forest for some cover... but as he tries to find some cover... he gets sucked into a portal...what will happen next? You decide!

Tales of Vesperia and Harry Potter crossover: (Date Added 2/1/23)

What if Harry Potter grew up with Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo? Promises are made, and after some time, they all end up in the same place, the Nylen Corps within Shizontania. Will things go differently? You can choose this OR...] It has been 3 years since Harry quit the Knights with Yuri. He's been wandering the world to find some sort of adventure... and of course, with his luck, it came to him. What it was? Well... the guild Brave Vesperia, of course! What happens when Harry meets his old friends Yuri Lowell and Repede the dog after 3 years? What will he do?

Tales of World: Radiant Mythology and Harry Potter crossover: (Date Added 2/1/13)

It's been years since Harry defeated the Dark Lord, Voldemort. Now, we're at his deathbed, his legacy already passed on, and now he's ready for his final rest... But what if destiny has more in store for him? What if he's the Descender of the world of Terresia? Will Harry face this final challenge of his before he is to lay at rest? Or...will he fail and fall with the World Tree of Terresia?

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure and Harry Potter crossover: (Date Added 4/18/13)

This is a Harry-being-abandoned-and-then-adopted story! In a business trip to Paris, France, Vernon Dursley, the uncle of Harry Potter, abandoned his nephew within the streets of the City of Lights. After he has left Harry, the mother of a 7 year old Raphael found him, and took him in the family. Sadly she died because of a speeding car, and tried to protect the young Harry and Raphael. Issac takes care of the two, while still doing his job to keep them healthy, and leaving them when Raphael was 15, and Harry was 9, leaving them only with a single gold coin that has a weird symbol on it. Three years later, Raphael (18), Harry (12), and Fondue (the dog that they found 2 years ago) found a clue, a bracelet that had the same symbol as the one on the coin that Issac left them. And so... they went off to get the bracelet of Tiamat... What happens now? It's up to you (the writer, or whomever wants to write this)! Please note that I haven't given Harry a nickname as a thief with his older brother, but I have thought of one... and some ideas if you don't like it: H (Harry) for the Hatter (original, ain't it?); H for... Harmony? (too girly, but meh... Harmonizer?); H for Heaven(ly?) (? What? I partly referenced the Rhythm Heaven game!); Thief H; Wizard H; the Magician?... er something. You choose!... Okay! I'm done here! It's now all up to you now dear authors, and authoresses!


Let's see if you can make a story about the Heat Haze/Kagerou Days (from Vocaloid??? Or Jin...) WITH A HAPPY ENDING!

It doesn't matter if the happy ending makes them both dead, thus stopping the infinite loop of time of August 14th (or 15th) and then... er... maybe being reborn, just like in Re_Birthday?( X( I forgot what the title was). IT MUST BE A HAPPY ENDING, GOT IT?!

...Meh... maybe some extra idea adding some other time travelers (like Italy in HetaOni or Homura in Puella Magi Madoka) are seen. That'll sound interesting!

Eh... But I wonder if someone would actually take this challenge... But IF someone actually took this challenge... please PM me? Or... if there is already such a happy ending fanfic of the song... can someone tell me immediately? It kinda gets tiring after reading almost the same plot with almost the same wording... or somthing similar to what I just said.

(8/15/13) Late, REALLY late, by like... 8 hours and 4-6 minutes! :x So uh... *weakly* Happy Kagerou Day? Hibaya-kun! We wish you good luck!

And I wonder who reads profiles like mine??? D: Anyone?

(2/11/15) Jeez, how long has it been since I updated this thing??? *checks* Last Updated: 10/30/2013?! Dang, two years ago on my birthday???

O 3 O Wao...

Friend Safari! I'll send you my Friend Code if you send me yours via PM! My Safari type is Ice, but I dunno what Pokemon are there... eheh XP

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