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My name's Tauri. I am a second year college student, and fanfiction is my guilty pleasure / procrastination tool.

My most favorite show as of right now is Vampire Diaries. Klaroline is my favorite (That whole, opposites attract thing? Yeah, that's apparently how I pick ships. Haha.) Kennett is really cute, though I don't know how Kol got turned into such an immature womanizer in FF because we really don't know much about him in canon. Stebekah's pretty great too. I love when Rebekah is friends with the gang. Beyond that, I don't have much preference. I really don't like Elena, because she's so whiny, and I only sometimes like Damon, so they're okay together I guess.

My favorite Degrassi Couples: Eclare, but I haven't watched since they got back together because the show is just not even a shell of the greatness it used to be when Manny, Emma, and Paige roamed the halls.

I love Glee. My favorite couples are: Puckleberry (total fantasy), Klaine, Brittana (or pretty much anyone with Santana, I love her!), and Chang-Chang. But those were my season 3 views. Now, it's all about Jake/Marley, Kitty/Puck, even though they kind of just alluded to that after the dance, and I was feeling Brody/Rachel, but then he was a hooker and that's just awkward, and Finn needs to find himself, and really so does Rachel so they should all just be alone for a while.

One Tree Hill is one of my newer obsessions. Brucas is my all time favorite, Naley is a close second though. I like Jeyton, partly because they're so cute together, and partly because when Peyton first met Jake, she backed off Luke for a little while, and then when they dated, she encouraged Brooke to be with Luke like a real best friend would. Other than that, I don't like Peyton much, mainly because of how evil she could be to her 'best friend'. Also because she's a whiny little brat.

In the later seasons, I also like Mia and Chase, Grubbs and Miranda, Clay and Quinn, Millie and Mouth, and Lauren and Skills.

I just started to write again, because i was so inspired by all the talent on this site.

I used to write fan fics a few years ago. Then they were Cranny and Pemma (Early days of Degrassi, when "The Next Generation" was still attached).

But I'm excited about the new challenge!

Can I Ever Love Again links:

Clare's "Eli-gettin" dress.

Clare's First Date outfit.

Story News:Please don't hate me! I am trying, but my muse is fleeting and has a tendency to show up when I am way to busy to even read fanfiction, much less write my own. I have about a month left of my second year of college left, then I plan to try to finish the stories over the summer. In fact, I have chunks of each story started, I just need to finish them, and we can all be friends again! :)

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